August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday MiKee~

I had an overload of B-boy birthdays last weekend.3 in one week....incredibly exhausting for the girl with the cake at each party. Lucky for me, I have natural cupcake-ing talent~ *proud grin* hehe.Cupcakes are the perfect solutions to most of my problems. They are quick to bake; easy to transport; taste fabulous; perfect for parties; they frost so prettily and look oH so adorable!
These were made last minute for B-boy Mikee on his 25th birthday last Sunday. I had an afternoon to spare before the dinner at 8, and decided to whip something up quickly. I never like turning up to parties empty handed... and after all; Mikee has been a real cool guy.
He's Taiwanese...he's travelled a fair bit..loves to dance..loves to drink...*shrug* ..alcoholic cupcakes?... ;) PerFEct!
Coffee cupcakes....topped with a smooth and creamy kahlua infused frosting...sprinkled with hints of coffee grains...*MmmmMmmm* I gobbled down 2 of these delicious little babies even before i got to the party! Quality control! *grin* ;)I developed this incredibly convenient and lazy way of making coffee cupcakes....
I hope I don't get shut down for admitting this...
but yes...
I used a cake mix..
*ducks for cover*!
I'm Serious!! It turns out SO GOOd! So "un-cake-mix-y" *laughs*
My favourite brand for this recipe is the "White Wings" golden buttercake mix...but I bet other brands like "Betty Crocker" and "Cadbury" would work fine too.
Here's how you do it..

1 box buttercake mix
1 sachet instant 3-in-1 coffee powder

Bake cake according to instructions at the back of box. Beat in coffee mix to the batter.
Instant deliciousness...*giggle*

And for the MUST-HAVE frosting...

80gms softened butter
1 cup icing sugar
2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup Kahlua liquor

Beat frosting ingredients in a large bowl till creamy and smooth. Pipe on to cooled cupcakes...sprinkle on dashes of coffee granules... and you're ready for a party!!
*sigh*....I'm still dreaming of how good they tasted....
The worst part of this insanely delectable cupcake is its convenient recipe.. I hate how its so easy to make...EVIL!!!


Anonymous said...

oh suyin! not packet mix!! i find that the packet mix cakes don't taste as nice and they have this wierd plasticky/springy texture.

ps. your b-boy cupcakes with the faces were very cute, though! =)

Unknown said...

Gasp! Not packet mix. ;)
Actually, I've taken cupcakes to the last three parties I've been to and I've been using that exact buttercake mix - it's so delicious. I may have been eating an awful lot of the batter, too. ;)

Cintia Listenbee said...

You are SOOO talented! I admire you for doing what you LOVE and sharing it with the world. You're a great cook and I hope to be a good one.

nianz said...

hey, i think we live in the same area.I'm 1st year med in UNSW.have been silently reading your blog for months!!great recipes i must say.Made your Oriental Chicken Puffs heaps of times.Always a hit in my house.

was wondering whether i can substitue the Kahlua with Tia Maria?

iDiOT said...

omg you're amazing!!!!

i just found your blog, and now i'm really inspired to start decorating my cakes - won't be able to stand how boring they look now!!!!!

where do you get your fondant btw? do you make your own??

never stop posting!!

darn you're good!!!!

Unknown said...

the cupcakes look wonderful. like u, i'm a student at unsw too and love baking in my free time.
just wondering, where do u purchase your cake boxes and cake bases?

lauren said...


i just found your blog through a video you had posted on youtube.

i HAD to leave you a comment to tell you how completely talented you are.

i'm so impressed!

i'm a college student in the united states and i can't even imagine cooking like this!

keep up the good work, the world needs more passionate people like you!


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

bureaucrat: depends on the brand i guess, i generally feel white wings is alright, but the plastic-y taste u talk about i do understand.

nikki: ;) hehehe

cintia eua: good lucky with ur cooking adventures, thanks for ur comments.

nianz: hey nice to hear from u, you can definitly substitute anything that goes with coffee.

dot: im glad u like my work, i usually buy my fondant from wilton but there are ways of making ur own, this website will be helpful:

shermayne: hey there, so nice to hear from you, i actually get my cake boxes and boards from iced affair check out:
hope that helps good luck!

lauren: aawww thank, i usually get people from youtube coming to my blog, try out the recipes they're aren't hard ;) i promise.

Anonymous said...

is icing sugar the same with confectioners' sugar? im not familiar with baking ingredients =) thanks!