July 21, 2007

Do you have time for desserts?

Being a student...you'd think I'd have all the time in the world. Students don't have the luxury of students in the yesteryear~, Talk to my Amrit about it; my housemate doing medicine at Uni; She'll explain it to you, in tears.
I should be having a fair portion of free time considering my topic of study at uni; but alas..the other aspects of my life forbids it.
I want to do everything; I need to clean up the house; do the laundry; cook dinner; decorate cakes; write for magazine; BLOG!; finish uni assignments; grocery shop; pay bills; go to the gym; get my hair cut; wash my sheets; unpack my bag from my trip back home...my room looks like a tornado hit and run. *sigh* not funny. I need a personal assistant. I'm a bit of a slob.
I can't believe I'm complaining now...I can't imagine what I'll be like when I have a 9-5...I'm not ready to graduate so soon. I can't imagine working; well...unless its baking cakes all day.....I could live with that! *grin*
We had a lady coming into our house shouting and crying about terrorist attacks in our garage yesterday. If you ask me; it's all a little far fetched. We've been trying to locate the guy we were 'illegally' subletting our car space to the past month. Everybody does it! Every student with no car and a garage; staying close to the uni does it! Anyway; we had told him to leave 4 weeks ago; and return the keys to us; but he and his entire family who lives in the neighbouring unit has disappeared. Leaving their car and documents in our garage. What do we do? Neighbour got suspicious and called the real estate agent and the cops! :S...The real estate agent found out; and is going crazy! *laughs*....Well..apparently nobody thinks its funny; ....we're trying to locate this guy asap...before we need to pay for recoding of garage remotes and changing of keys etc. *sigh*
It's just something I we don't need right now...considering how our second semester @ uni is starting on Monday.
With all these unnecessary drama and ridiculously cold weather...tell me..do I have time for desserts?
Answer is ...yes
Well...fast desserts...fast and yummy ones. They have to be yummy enough to be worth my hours at gym *grin*
Banana Toffee pies? Well; Pie-ish thingies *giggle*

1 sheet ready rolled puff pastry. (sliced diagonally across into 2 large triangles)
1 large banana cut into 2 large chunks (or use 2 little bananas)
2 tbsp brown sugar
soft butter
Lay each triangle on your work space. Spread butter evenly over the entire sheet. Sprinkle half the brown sugar and place banana in the corner of the triangle. Roll up into a cone. Repeat with second sheet. Bake in preheated 180 degree oven for 20-25 minutes till pastry is puffed and golden. Remove from baking tray and drizzle with chocolate sauce (from the squeeze tubes) or melted chocolate.
Best eaten with ice-cream on the side!
I ate this for breakfast...*guilty*...you can tell I'm not much of a health freak!


Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin,

Enjoy yr blog lots!Pls check yr mail under the heading " U are the Best"! Waiting for yr reply. Thanks & take care.Have lots fun with Uni life as its the best!:) Sand.

Graeme said...

Aah, good stuff. I'm going back to Uni in September, and could well be in the same position.

Great post as usual, certainly earning your place on my Blog list, lol.

Anonymous said...

Dear Su yin,
i agree with you,i grad from UNSW sydney about 4 years ago ...work 9-5(if you are lucky coz its often 8.30am-9pm in asia)my advise is to be a prof student with your cake biz on the side =) coz there is high chance of getting bogged down with admin,rent,supplier etc crap if you open a bakery,(imagine carpark prob x10)plus worst case scenario...you lose your passion*eeks*but i guess we all have to grow up earn a living 1day giveback & support our lovely parents(studying in syd aint cheap right?)perks of working is that they PAY you$$ to learn heheh plus you dun have homework on weekends and most cases no more exams.If you do drop by singapore i strongly reccomend CANELE(@paragon or roberston walk)their cakes are pretty&yummy(esp 1 called jupiter) take care and good luck with the carpark(i rented mine out too while i was there heheh)

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

graeme: oh wow! I love your work on food photography...absolutely stunning pictures! the compositions are great!

shan: hey hey; thanks for all the suggestions; I'll definitely check them out when i'm home!

Ali-K said...

These look delicious...You can also do similar smaller ones with chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnuts. So yum and so easy!
Oh to be a student again...I'd have so much more time to bake but I understand your woes....as i probably wouldn't actually do any study!

Anonymous said...

i just found out that we have been invited to a dinner tonite and my bf told me that he mentioned that we will bring dessert to the dinner. well the dinner is in 3 hours and i have nothing in my house to make a decent dessert. thank god i rememnber your blog and this is such a breat recipe for last minute dessert. your blog is indeed a good place for good inspiration. keep up the good work.

oh, by the way, did u response to my comment for the Mario design cake? it would be great if you could send me a detail step by step guide on how to make this cake. it will certainly bring loads of joy to my bf son as he is a super Super Mario fan.


Roberto Iza Valdés said...

A man must love a girl who loves to cook.