May 4, 2007

Su has been away ~- yet again...

*phew*....I've been recently wishing to trade my painful work load for some free cooking/alone time in the recent weeks. My darling blog isn't exactly stagnant yet...but blogging daily just isn't something I could possibly handle right now. Things have been hectic, lecturers have been unkind and parents have been in the country. After a dry "cake-orderless" spell for almost 2 months; I've received 4 this week...and had to unfortunately reject 2. :( *sigh*'s just been too much for me.
Anyhoo...back on track with the topic of my parents, they've been in Melbourne for a business trip and have requested that I fly over to spend at least a day with them. was worth the $200 return air ticket and the precious hours wasted skipping classes on Thursday *giggle*! Mommy brought tons of goodies from Malaysia for me and we went on a big eating/shopping spree around the beautiful city of Melbourne. I'm down in Melbourne pretty often...I guess it's a place I feel comfortable in, where I know the streets, the eats, the perks, the shopping ;) and where I can catch up with my best buddy; Yan (XOXO)
I've taken some photos...I know this wont exactly fit the theme in my 'cooking-blog' but i promise a beautiful cake and a recipe for it next. Don't wont take me another week before I post again *cheeky grin*

Flower Drum (World renown for its superb Chinese cuisine and excellent service)
According to many, the place is almost impossible to visit without a booking 3-4 months ahead, but my very talented mom and dad worked their charm at the restaurant reception desk the day before and they managed to squeeze a table for us early in the afternoon on Friday. We've heard gossip that it could possibly be one of the best Chinese restaurants in the world~ I was very excited
The little alley leading towards the restaurant looked a little dodgy, but as we stepped in; I was convinced the place was furnished fit for the rich and famous.We had an excellent dumpling dish made with full scallops(wrapped in yellow) and king crab meat(the white dumpling served with pink ginger threads)Lightly pan fried deep sea tooth fish. This fish was absolutely mind blowing. My favourite fish is the cod; and this little slice tasted almost similar but so much more luxurious.Drunken squall....stewed in cooking wine.

I requested for a simple fried rice *blush*. The waiter look at me as though no other guest eating at Flower Drum has ever asked for a fried rice. *laughs* I'm a simple person hehe... They did a great job with the rice. Was excellent... absolutely~ delicious...two thumbs up!
Straight after our very pricey lunch; my parents and I popped by the famous Melbourne Koko black on Collins st for for some sinful indulgent desserts! We were delighted with the presentation of creatively done chocolatey delights; but ..flavour and variety wise; Max Brenners still remains our champion chocolate restaurant~

For dinner we had lobster at Chinatown's Shark Fin House. After our lunch experience at Flower Drum down the street in the afternoon, we were extremely disappointed at the level of service, food quality and overall dining experience. It was good lobster at least; ...overpriced...but a big-fat-juicy-lobster nonetheless...*laughs* I'm glad Dad recovered the dinner money at the roulette table later that night with our visit to the Crown Casino. I'm not much of a gambler myself, i get too nervous when I start loosing money! Haha.

My parents have certainly perfected the skill of enjoying life's luxuries, fine cuisine and the art of spoiling their kids *grin* hee...lucky me!


Unknown said...

you know you are cramping my style when you can navigate melbourne better than me :P

merakli said...

It seems like a nice day! I'm waiting for the cake recipe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su yin, I am very happy to be selected!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey su-yin,

your photos from melbourne reminds of me of home. i was there for easter. but had to go back to adelaide for school.

where's my cake? you have to express post it otherwise it might go off! kidding! ;p

haven't tried new recipes. trying to trim down a little. so watching the what i eat lately. its amazing how much you cook and eat out and stay the same. you must have good genes.

going through a carrot cake phase (a friend's recipe). very nice!

jerald pince said...

cool pics!

Hungry Hamster said...

I agree with you! The food and service at Flower Drum is superb! One of my best eating experience!! Keep up your cooking! I really enjoyed reading it! You are my inspiration :p!

Michelle said...

hey there, i've been reading your blog for some time already and had wanted to try out the caramel and hazelnut recipe the other day. however i couldnt find the ready caramel topping here in brisbane supermarts, so do i just omit it or is there anything to substitute for? thanks!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

yan : XOXO hehe

sandy: hope youre happy with the cake :)

jp: what do you study in Adelaide? haha If only postal services did a lable for "fragile-food"
I do put on a fair bit of weight from all that eating...I dont really have good genes with amazing metabolism rates like some lucky ones HAHa...I just freak out occasionally and go to the gym like crazy; exercise really helps with my eating.
Carrot cakes are yum..:P

thanks merakli, jerald and hungry hamster :)

chelle: hmm...I would suggest making your own caramel..but that could be extra work. Just omit if you like. *shurg* or..hmm...mayeb slice up some caramel/mars bars into thick cubes and throw them in with the nuts! Could be a whole new idea! LOL...Here's a link for making caramel if you aren't as adventurous with recipes as I am.

Make caramel suitable for pouring over cakes :)
Hope that helps~