May 20, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Shaun~

*sigh* I sometimes wish I had 100 hours in a day...and that I never had to sleep, or was never too tired to do anything! It's been weeks of "hectic-ness" for Su...and she even forgot to wish her dear friend - Shaun a Happy Birthday last week. I'm such a sh*t sometimes. I couldn't even come up with a decent cake for a birthday lunch we had this afternoon.
Shaun's such a nice guy....always full of ideas, he's been such a sweet and thoughtful friend...and the best I could do was a remote control. *shakes head*.. isn't exactly a regular TV remote; it was personalized specially for Shaun..filled with his favourite movies, games, and handy buttons for generating cash...etc. *grin*I've been designing so many cakes lately; for friends and for cake creative juices are being squeezed to its last droplets. It can be frustrating coming with something good..and still worth the time/$$... and after that, just praying like hell that everyone's going to be happy! *laughs*
This was done in less than 1/2 a day...probably the fastest cake I've ever sculpted. Not because I did it in a hurry and I didn't care; but rather just cause its flat...nothing complicated in icing something flat. :)

...I did however put a fair amount of thought into it initially... I didn't want to make him something too big as we were having lunch at a busy restaurant, but I couldn't come up with something to say "Shaun" all over it...
He's just too difficult to ....'categorize?' if you must? *laughs*
He's cool....very thoughtful...chatty...loves music...plays too many computer games...loves consoles...cooks delicious food...enjoys a boring job....and has a nice hairy chest *laughs* ...and single ;) any girls out there looking for a decent guy?


Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Yin,

I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I have to say.. YOU MAKE THE MOST GORGEOUS CAKES! You're very artistic and creative. Keep up the great work! :)

(who's drooling over the cakes you make)

Lex said...

at least ur icing turns out great..mine just fails :(

whatdamn said...

your cakes are amazing! really nice stuff there. if i didn't read your profile i'd reckon you were on the way to becoming a pastry chef.

keep up the good work/food. to bad there isn't any scrath-n-sniff thingy to smell the aroma of the food on your site.


Anonymous said...

your novelty cakes would sell like MAD here !!!

Anonymous said...

*two thumbs up for that brilliant remote-control* -

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I found your blog b/c I enjoy baking and cooking too..I live in the states and there are some food here that I cannot get therefore I try and make them myself. I like the "skin" on your cake I was just wondering what kind is that or is that fondant. Do you know how to make fondant?If so can I have a recipe? I tried once and it failed. I was going to give up but then I decided to try asking you b/c I was actually thinking of making my own wedding cake. Any suggestion for that??Thanks..keep up the good work :D

jeanchristie said...

your creativity and skills in making these gorgeous cakes are amazing!
where're u actuallY?

Unknown said...

OMG! It look so real!! You should open your cake shop!!!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

fiona: aww thanks :P

lex: haha ive had my fair share of failure thorugh the years too :P lol..practice practice

whatdamn: hmm..good idea@! if only it was possible :P...

swee: aHhHh $.$ hahaha

ahbing: *blush blush...ty..ty* :P

melissa: heyhey..its fondant.. made from sugar+water+glycerin+corn syrup heres a website which may help you

scribbler: im in SYdney down under!~ hehe

wokking mum: Hmm...ive been thinking ab out it..:P would love to do that in Malaysia :)