May 22, 2007

evolving with times..

As the viscous circle of adulthood begins to overwhelm me; I finally give in to the fact that I can't do everything. *laughs* I used to be the Super-girl...who could Get to uni, score well, come home...cook dinner for everyone, finish my assignments, have time to bake a cake or 2 occasionally, have freshly baked cookies...pies and delicious thing for everyone and still have an hour to spare to blog about it.
Its been awhile since...and now when I bake..I'm baking responsibly; because I made a promise...and because it's for sale. I've overloaded with the number or subjects @ Uni this semester...and assignments throughout the last weeks of classes are driving me nuts! My house is a mess and desperately needing some good cleaning all the time *sigh* It's so not Su...
but I'm out of bright ideas....I don't have time to worry...I've got an assignment to complete and a magazine to write for.
I'm blogging now at 8.40 in the morning...because I miss blogging...
Like how I used to...with all my nonsense in the kitchen, with my new experiments...and the ability to make a mess and be adventurous. I hate to think that I'm growin's probably because I've gone past the phase of just cooking for 'fun'. Now cooking is a's not that i don't love it no longer; it just feels different.
I personally feel I've came a long way from days when I used to make pancakes at 6 in the morning and snap a gazillion photos of them for my blog*laughs*
Oh old posts are still up, and I laugh at my rants and writings of the past. My photography was hopeless! *blush* It's better now; but I just wish I had more time to pursue it as hobby; aside from my cooking and baking.
Here's a couple of photos I've been working on for the magazine..:S *sigh* I wish I could do better sometimes..

I've recently come up with a couple of cute merchandise for the kitchen (e.g shopping bags, recipe books, aprons, etc) ...I just haven't had time to set them all up. I wish I did...I was so excited. In the near future guys...would love to see the response.
My schedule says I should be getting off my computer and heading down to the city to collect my visa and purchasing my air ticket. I have a feeling it'll be wise to listen to it. :P

Catch ya all later!
I have a cake due every weekend from this Saturday till the end of keep your eyes peeled for some awesome sculpted cake posts! *giggle* My super Mario cake wasn't the best I can do...just watch me ;)


Tara said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have just recently come to this conclusion myself - we can't do everything, but we sure can stress ourselves while trying! There just aren't enough hours in the day.

σοφια said...

hello.. my birthday's in july.. are you fully booked or can you squeeze in another cake? =) And how do you charge for them? My e-mail address is sphwng at gmail dot com..

Sass O said...

hehehe and i'm part of one of those cakes!
can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Su Yin,

Have a good holiday, see you in July. Of course with the cake.
I cant wait to see your sketch, and the outcome !

- rini -
forestville, nsw

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Su Yin,
Can't find your email add in your blog. Few questions in mind would like to ask you.

Perhaps you can drop me a line at your convenient time. (xtrinc at gmail dot com)

Anonymous said...

What magazine do you work for?

flutterby said...

you're writing for a magazine?? what magazine??? ZOMG are you so famous now??? LOL!! SU YIN I MISS YOU!!


Anonymous said...

grin. the pictures of this post reminds me of your picnic post earlier on.

even after looking at these pics, i still can't figure out how you pick the stuffin in so nicely!

ps the strawberry looks delicious! do tell me which magazine and i'll try to grab it in spore so i can see your step by step instructions for the strawberry dessert and the sandwich!

the girl who is totally dependent on instructions :p

Anonymous said...

Suyin, i cant believe how talented you are, as much as i love to be int the kitchen n cook, i will probably never be able to make mario's or remote's cake like what you did..
any hints and tips? my boyfriend's son would be delighted if i could make him a Mario bro cake on his birthday in december.
thanks in advance Suyin.
By the way you are more than welcome to visit my just started blog *blush* and please advise on how to make it better.
i am like you, i live and work abroad, so i tend to cook more Asian food to enable myself not to miss my home country that much.
ps: i love your instant noodle idea. :)

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Tara: sigh* its nice to know someone feels with me LOL

sophie: hmmmm...I might...pretty full..but have one slot at the moment :P Hope it fits u!

sass: :)

rini: Im workin on it! haha...havnt had the chance yet..mayb in a couple of weeks :)

new kid on the blog: I've added my email add on my profile...hope you find me there :)

sue: I'm currently writing for "Eat me, Drink me" in te US, it hasnt been published yet but I'm real excited..

fluttery! EMail me!!!!!! :P add me on msn weh

pink: I dont think it'll be published in singapore....but here bassically what it is.
1 punnet berries halved
1 500ml thick vanilla custard
3 peach halves in juice sliced
12-15 shortbread cookies broken into large chunks * i used arnotts but, any good quality shortbread should do :)
Layer it, shortbread, peaches, custard berries :)

lilsmurfy: heyhey...heres a website which might be helpful It's filled with cake decorating ideas! Hope it'll be useful for you~ Good luck with your cooking!!

Anonymous said...

thanks dear! haha.. i went around hunting for vanilla shortbread and the SAs were telling me... butter have.. vanilla.. dun have :p