March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Nairi~

I would love to say so much more.
But Su is extremely busy.
My blog entry is almost a Japanese haiku.

They dance on the sidewalks of Liverpool st.
In a sheltered makeshift stage of their own.
Dancing on the streets.
Can't get any better than that.

The music plays.
They move to the rhythm.
I tap my feet.
B-boys they call themselves.
Breakdancers we know them as.

Nairi is Japanese.
He is a chef.
I like chefs.... *giggle*

A video of the dancing birthday boy.

It was his 28th birthday.
He was worried about getting older.
We helped drown his sorrows in good sushi @ "Bushari'
Lots of sake, wine, a japanese vodka I cant pronounce.
Drank lots.
Laughed lots.
Went to bed late.
Class at 9 this morning
Oww my head.
Can't type anymore.

Here's the cake. Was a shoe.
The b-boys were very excited.
Nairi's heart broke as he took a huge bite.

Shall speak more to everyone tommorow.
Will make teriyaki sauce. *grin*
Have to run!
Love you all~


Anonymous said...

the shoe cake is darling. My mom's birthday is coming up, april 1st, any ideas?

acaligurl said...

su, i love to read your posts, so cute, so smart!!!i may not commetn on them all the time, but i suscribe to your email and keep up! i also love the video!!! can i copy and put on my site to share??
your pictures and cooking is so impressive!!!
you must look me up if you get to my part of cali!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i know this is a really silly question but i have been dying to ask this for a long time... how do you frame your images to look like polaroids like u did in this post?? I so so so love the look but can't figure out how to do it.

if you could help, i would really appreciate it.

ioyces said...

hi Su yin...

Good job with the shoe cake!! It's so adorable!!!!
btw where did u get ur lovely glass cake cover??
Been trying to locate a similar one...

thanks in advance!!!!