February 8, 2007

My Local Night Market

"Pasar Malam" is what we call it here in Malaysia. Ipoh; the small city I come from, has night markets every night of the week. Each "pasar malam" spot is often allocated a special day of the week; the vendors go around each suburb everynight selling their delicious goodies, handy household tools, clothing and so much more!
I'm a fan...
I love my local Pasar Malam.
It's the noise, the crowds....the lingering and seductive aroma from every corner, oh how it excites me!
A haven for Malaysian street food~

I ventured into into the sea of hungry locals in search of my favourite Malaysian delicacies. I soon wanted to eat EVERYTHING!
Armed with my precious camera slung around my neck; I maneuvered the stall aisles like a pro. Though it's been almost a year since my last visit; the stall positions havn't changed...I knew my favourite food stalls at the back of my hand! *giggle*
Curious eyes watched as I snapped away with my camera. Many assumed I was a tourist, some even tried saying awkward things to me in Cantonese provoking me to respond. I didn't want to spoil their fun; so I smiled and walked away. *grin* I've noticed that my camera lenses often make people feel uncomfortable. I try my best to take candid shots before they turn frigid..but my first couple of snaps 'with both drink and food items in hand' often turn out looking a little shaky or rushed. *sigh* When the vendors finally realize I have my camera focused; they often react with a 'stunned' facial expression, imagine shining headlights at a deer! *laughs*

Here's a couple shots I thought I'd share with everyone.

Good ol' street food.
Deep Fried, grilled and roasted! The night market has it all! Chicken wings, fried pancakes, steamed corn....fried noodles, laksa stalls...this list could go on forever!

Fresh sugarcane juice!
So deliciously refreshing! It's like an oasis in the desert when you're in the middle of a large sweaty crowd of pasar malam go-ers~

Juicy local tropical fruits! These are "Duku Langsat"s and the red bell shaped fruits are...erm... I dont know what they're called in English, but we call them "Jambu air". It's flesh is crisp, crunchy and juicy....good ones are real sweet too!
Ice cream potong! (Potong means "to cut" in Malay). The lady takes out a long tube of icecream; often "cut" to size from her little freezer box and sticks a skewer into one end! These ice cream potongs are often homemade and come in a variety of local favourites! Yam, coffee, chocolate, chendol, corn, red bean, durian, cempedak...I don't think I missed any..oh yes...pandan of course *grin*

Non food items...Chinese new year decorations..electronics, toys, undergarments, clothes, bags, jewellry...trinkets...everything! light bulbs, socks, JUST EVeryTHING! *grin*

Soya BEAN!!
Sweet and savoury pies. Baked bread and cakes.
Something called "Fried ICE". It's something I never imagined could possibly exist! *laughs* I had a quiet chuckle when I read the neon sign! It's not fried ICE CREAM..it looked to me like it was served in cups and flavoured...I wish I had bought a cup to find out what it was all about! *shrug* Maybe next week...They never fail to come up with strange new things everytime.


Rachel said...

Yummy! I wish I was there.

Yan said...

Omg yin, don't tell me that's the first garden pasar malam.

Anonymous said...

We cal duku langsat Makopa were I'm from. My childhood friend still has the tree at their house. When we were younger we would devour all of them when they were in season. I like them with salt. Yum.

Anonymous said...

gosh!it's always nice to be in the pasar malam. Food n cheap stuffs. i bought my alarm clock there. it's marvelous muahahhaha it changes colour n has bout 8 diff types of "ring"tones (ok i seriously hv to stop promoting my alarm clock) LOL LOL

Unknown said...

Mmm.. it brings back such fond memories of the Pasar Malams in Ipoh. I crave them each time I'm back home.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog...I was almost transcended to the Malaysian market place. Very well presented...Loved every bit of your post!! Cheers!! Would love to Jessicacome back for more.

Anonymous said...

scrumptous! i salivate looking at those photos of food at night market. its too bad we dont have that kind of thing in adelaide.

Anonymous said...

i think it's called pink guava (jambu air) =D

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

rachel: HI ! where are you from? do you night markets where you live?

yan: i went to the one in ipoh garden east

zita: hello Zita, thanks for sharing. Where are you from? will try mine with salt next time.

sammy & peg: thanx for letting on. now i've gotta find out which of you are right.

jessica: thank you. glad you liked it.

jp: well, don't forget to visit next time you're in Malaysia. cheers~

chengz: are you from Ipoh too?

m: Hi m. Glad something reminds you of home.

Anonymous said...

jambu air = water apple. i love it with the sny buay (sour plum) powder