February 4, 2007

Happy Birthday SAndhu~

It's a funny nickname we derived from her last name. She doesn't seem to mind it very much. We call Amrit: "The Sandhu" :P
Pinky and I often shout out from the top of the stairwell; "Sandhu-manDU-FANDHU~"when we need her. She occupies the room on the ground floor where shes locked up most of the day. Her medical degree is seriously taking a toll on her social life~ Well at least pinky and I are around to cheer her up when she needs to relax ...and I'm her daily alarm clock when I begin my morning ritual in the kitchen right next to her bedroom! Haha. I pity her sometimes..I'm so sorry Amrit...I really try to keep it down...honest >.< I remember growing up together....when she used to stare at me through her thick and nerdy round glasses in primary school. She lived across the street from school, was really shy...and had silky long black hair.We were never really friends back then.I was often intimidated by her excellent grades and elite group of "smart" girls in school. I felt a little out of league when they spoke about assignments and exams. To make myself feel better; I often told myself she was a NERD!*rolls eyes*... but deep inside; I often wished I had what it takes to be one.
Now that faith has brought us together in Sydney; where we live under the same roof; days of childhood through primary and high school has been left way behind us. We began a new chapter of our lives and are now the best of friends. I've learnt to accept my 'differences' *blush* and she's learnt to be less of a snob *giggle* I'm happy that we've both gotten along so well...I love to cook; and she loves to eat! HAha. It's a match made in heaven! She still often raises an eyebrow when I do something outrageously ridiculous and I never fail to pick on her nerdy-ness when exam periods come along, but I guess we've grown up enough to know everyone is entitled to thier own personal space. She's so funny at times..and I love the look on her face as she drools over the kitchen table every time I make chocolate. She's so cute...she's one of my baby's I love to pamper.. Life in our lil Sydney home would have never been complete without her. Pinky and I would probably be tearing hair out of each others scalp if she weren't around to stand between the fence when tensions arise *giggle*
It's been fun times Sandhu..I'm so happy we're sharing memories of Sydney together :) I wish her all the best in her Degree..and may her secret fantasies of Bollywood come true *wink* Here's a very Chocolatey coffee cake I made for her very special day...

The girl was made to have a Bollywood look; dressed in a pretty lengah..made from sugar paste...her body and face was molded from flower paste and painted with food colouring.


Aunty Yochana said...


I really admire your talent..Keep up the good work!!

Happy Chinese new year to you and your family.

Have fun..Aunty Yochana

Anonymous said...

sandhu..mandhu..fandhuu..hhahaah so true su yin..Happie Bday bebeh!!!wishing you all the best ..lots of love..muaccksss


happy birthday whatever your name is....God Bless You.....It's a real blessing to have such lovely housemates, wrapped in each others love. God Bless All Of You...

Anonymous said...


su-yin, you can make me a cake anytime. that cake looked almost too good to eat. especially with the girl on top. you even have aunty yochana praising you. that's really something.

was the bollywood girl on top of cake edible? ;)

Cutie said...


This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm so amazed at how you bake and decorate those lovely cakes. I love to cook and bake as well but I'm not good in decorating cakes. You really give me loads of ideas in decorating one. THanks a lot.
I really hope to get to know you better and be a friend of yours and if you don't mind I hope to communicate with you through email. My email is maygin17@gmail.com.
I just started writing a blog as well and do pay a visit if you are free. It's at http://foodylicious.blogspot.com
Do keep up the good work and all the best to you.

Anonymous said...




-Arty Farty ;)

flutterby said...

Shian Yi went to Sydney?? Or that was at Amrit's house in Malaysia? Anywayyy.. I miss you girls.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMRIT!!


Oh for the love of food! said...

My Dear Su-Yin! you really have a knack for sugar paste moulding, don't you? did you ever take a class, or is is all natural born talent? I took a class a while back and I sucked at it. By the way, I really enjoyed visiting your blog. You strike me as a very warm person who cherishes her family and friends.They are very lucky to have you. You have your heart in all the right places!

Anonymous said...

hie su-yin

I must say you have an excellent talent! It's amazing. I just started to get into baking and I love lookin at your little designs for inspiration.

I hop you don't mind that I copied your little mice ("cheese" cake). I like that concept. It's just so cute. I have a cheese lover friend as well and am baking a cake for him this weekend. I also used mice but it's totally different. When I am done with it, I'll paste it on my blog and you can see it. :)

Thanks for the inspirations. You should really start a baking class. I'll come over!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

yochana: *blush* wow...thanks so much for the encouraging words! Happy new year too u! I'm coming up with a Chinese New Year-y post very soon ;)

jp: LOl where are u? yeap..the girl on top is made from flower paste..all edible....except the foil on the hersheys kisses down the bottom of course :P

Nadia: yes she does; doesnt she? LOL...she reads my blog..she just doesnt reply..or bothers to tell me how the cake tastes like *grrr* LOL *hint hint*

cutie: Hey there! SO very nice to hear from you!...It's really good to hear ppl getting inspired by what I do..you can add me on Msn and we can chat sometime :). I'll definitely pop by your blog to see how its shaping up. Lotsa luck girl! :) All the very best~

arty farty: we call you fartsy...not farty..:P HAha

neem: neem dear...where are U!!! yes we were all in Malaysia..I'm still bugging shian to come visit in Aust..shes still thinking about it. Miss you tons!!

oh for the love of food: hey there! thanks SO VERy much for the encouraging words...It really helps me get by when I go through days and days of failed recipes Haha...it keeps me going. I've never had classes in sugar crafting..but have been learning from books, practice and websites for almost 1/2 a year now..I'm starting to get better...but i'm really looking forward to joining a class of some sort..I really want to learn more..It's something I love doing. It could even possibly be better than my bakING! hhaha *blush*

Cutie said...

Hey, I don't have your MSN so I'm unable to add you. What's your MSN address? Btw, will you ever consider giving classes? I'm seriously so tempted to learn from you. All the cakes you ever design is something that I have always wanted to make but it's just that I don't know how to do it. Moreover, which shop do you actually go to get your ingredients and utensils in Malaysia?
I'm now seriously having fun learning how to design cakes like you did. Thx for sharing girl... You are a STAR.... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics cuttie!

Anonymous said...

SANDHU are the best!
Wish u a fortunate successful happy life with full of experiences in life.


!Khalsa raj karega!