February 7, 2007

A day of Mystical Standing eggs and what not~

Lap Chun : The beginning of the year according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. (Chinese astrology/horoscope is based on the Lunar Calendar)It isn't exactly "Chinese New Year" in our books...
Back in the day, farmer folk in China welcomed Spring by celebrating "Lap chun". For me; it was just another excuse to give away pretty cupcakes! *giggle*
This year; lap chun fell on the 4th of Febuary at about 2am in the morning. Chinese New year is around the corner; and I figured these would make pretty gifts for friends and family.

I made tiny fruit-cupcakes, iced with luster dusted red sugar paste frosting and adorned the exposed tops with gold and red Chinese themed Chocolate. Most of the tiny trinkets were bought during our last trip to Singapore and Hong Kong. They make wonderful Chinese New Year gifts! Every decorative item represents good wishes for the New year and prosperity. I had everyone OOooo and AAahhh-ing *grin* I would have made hand crafted sugar bits for each..but the thought of making tiny pretty flowers for 20 cupcakes was just too painful! >.< A cute Chinese tradition during Lap Chun is how children would balance raw eggs on smooth surfaces. There are tons of "strange" and unprofessional explanations from the older generation of why the eggs balance on this particular day. The common explanation for this 'myth' is a stronger gravitational force on this day caused by the Spring equinox and the Earth's axis. It is said that eggs balance on their own for 45 minutes. I had MYTH in inverted comma's for a reason..*laughs* Though I missed the "special" period of 5-6 hours to balance eggs on this year's Lap Chun day; (was busy sleeping!)....I'm still not quite convinced of this ridiculous misconception! I'm sorry if I'm spoiling the Mystical 'fun' :P I'm a non believer! Haha
The Chinese newspaper had a write up on it yesterday...I don't read chinese, but I had someone explain to me Why the Chinese felt eggs would only stand during this special period every year.
Here's a couple of Western skeptics..
Phil Plaits
Allan's Time

and of course..a video taken by someone of her mystical~ standing eggs. *laughs*

What do you think?

*whispers*...I still think its ridiculous...
*rolls eyes*
*runs off to grab a couple of raw eggs* heheee...


Lydia said...

Hi... I can see the muffin/cupcake case you use (just the tinny bit at the top though), been looking for something like that. Can you tell me where you got them from? Btw, I am in sydney too.

GOH Youth Group said...

I love your site! You make the most amazing cakes.
You've inspired me to overcome my handicap of frosting cakes (I could bake them but I can't seem to frost them!) and get into making cakes.
Quick question, the sugar or flower paste you use on your cakes? Do you make them yourself or do you buy them ? If you buy them all the time, doesn't it get really pricey?

Anonymous said...

*COOLY* LOVE your site

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

lydia: I got them from our local baking supplier in Ipoh; Malaysia. If i spot them in Sydney, I'll remember to tell you where I got them from :)

Sarah: Aww thanks :)...I usually buy my flower and sugar paste..but it really isnt too complicated to make..just a little time consuming. Look here : www.cakecentral.com
They have awesome recipes and tips :)
I try not to buy too much when I sell my cakes in Sydney..but when lazy-ness gets the best of me..I cant help but give in >.< Haha

anonymous: THanks :) come back soon to read about what I've been up to ;) hehe

drNO said...

soooo very creative...

Duniakuabstrak said...

2 days ago my chines officemates busy trying to stand an eggs, then start to cheers to those who success making the egg stand, I confused..but now I know the reason why..hehe