December 10, 2006

New sights to shoot

Su-Yin Huen
Current Location: Singapore
Current status: On brief 3 day vacation
Equipped with: Brand new Canon PowerShot S3 IS

Mood status: Estatic~ *jumps around*

Dad handed me my brand new Canon this morning and I've been physically attached to it since. I havn't stopped fiddling with it all day! I love it to pieces already! My old Lumix has served me well...but *sigh* could it possibly beat x12 optical zoom...sweetass macro functions and a kick-ass image stabilizer *grin*
I havn't been cooking as the kitchen as sis's place (where I'm staying) isn't exactly equipped well enough for me to "play" in. Hehe; I shall be cooking more when I return to Malaysia on Wednesday...I promise *grin*
For those who would like a peek at Singapore through my's a short compilation of my afternoon. You can tell my family and I have been eating up a storm~ *rubs my very bloated tummy*


Anonymous said...

*TRALALALA (does the Su-Yin lil' dance) - MY LITTLE SISTER is down here in SINGAPORE with me........WOOOOooooo HOOOOOOOOOooo ~ haha i might have been too tired to look energetic today hahaha but all of a sudden...i read ur blog and thought...HEE - YOU ARE HERE ! WE ARE UNDER THE SAME ROOF ! LALALA !

Anonymous said...

Must be wonderful to receive an early Christmas present. It's nice that you have already used it to take beautiful photos. Keep them coming.

Have a wonderful Christmas season.


Anonymous said...

welcome to sg babe!!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Eventhough I am a Malaysian staying here...Welcome to Singapore...Hope you enjoy your stay here.

I just bought the same model too...It is money well spent....

Yan said...

Heh, more reasons for me to go see you in Sydney now... CAMWHORING! Woot!


Anonymous said...

woohooo! welcome to the club! canon s3is rocks! i love the 12x zoom :D have fun with your new toy! n cook more yummy food and take pics of them! ;)

Sammy said...

Welcome to SG!!! Enjoy yourself yah! :P

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Singapore! :)

What have you been doing besides eating? Tell tell! Or rather, show (with new cam).

Enjoy your hols.

Anonymous said...

how d you do edit your pics into those cool polaroid pics?? share?!
Have fun there, eat LOTS. so jealous.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

jie: hehe XOXO...i love visiting..its fun~

soulful: Thank You for the kind comments on the photos..i try very hard with my photos...haha :)

michie: I did have lotsa fun :P hehe..I love the range of ingredients they had. VIsited the baking store at Holland V. Almost purchased the entire shop! Haha

tehsee: yea...i love my new canon..i just wish it didnt run on triple A's..:(, i love my rechargable stuff.

yan: omg..i miss u :(

kid: sure thing ;)'s just really bulky...difficult to fiddle with while im cooking in the kitchen. I try very hard to keep it clean.

the yummy dummies: I had a blast :)

esther: LOL the xmas sales were on.. the family was on a shopping spree~~ hehe

kelly: Picasa2 by google ;)...LOL it's really easy to use..i've jsut recently downloaded it. DO a search on google for the download link. it's free~!! :)

calligator: *read msg above* LOL ;)