November 9, 2006

Blueberry Frangipane Tart

BLueberries are in season!! Yay!! I skipped into a happy twirl around my shopping cart when I spotted beautiful blueberries being sold cheap this week. They usually cost a FORTune at other times of the year. I excitedly picked up a box and began thinking of what I was going to do with them.Considering how I've been pressed for time with Uni exams this month, I couldn't really afford to risk more than a couple of hours in my kitchen baking extravagant desserts with my lovely berries. Bill granger came to the rescue~ I recall flipping through a few cookbooks by Bill and discovering a simple yet elegant tart recipe with cherries + frangipane filling.

you say.... That's a flower my dear ;)
is an almond flavored pastry cream used in tarts, cakes and other desserts.
75g unsalted butter softened
1/3 cup castor sugar
3/4 cup ground almonds
2 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Beat all ingredients above and leave to chill and thicken in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes.

1 sheet puff pastry (corners cut off- apprx 1-2mm off the sides just to help it puff better in the oven)
1 egg yolk lightly beaten
1 tub blueberries
1-2 tbsp sugar for sprinkling
Lay pastry on a silicone mat or some baking paper. Spread eggyolk over pastry slice. Score a large square around the pastry sheet (2-3 cm away from the edge) being careful not to slice through the sheet. Spoon frangipane mixture onto the surface within the scored area. Drop the blueberries evenly in a single layer, sprinkle with sugar and bake tart in 190 degree oven for 20-25 minutes or until pastry corners are puffed, crisp and golden.
Serve with cream if your being naughty *grin*
The berry-ful tart turned out simply divine! I didn't break a sweat putting the tart together and while it puffed up in the oven, I had another 20-25 mins with my books. I sliced the tart into strips and devoured its puffy crusts and indulgent centers while I crammed for my exam tomorrow... which reminds me...I think I should stop blogging now...*waves goodbye*

Thanks for the good luck wishes guys! I hope I wont be needing too much luck, but it's nice to have some anyway~ LOL


daphne said...

This tart looks fabulous. I came across your blog through links of other various blogs. Being an international student in Perth myself, I can truly attest to the lack of time, resources but not wanting to sacrifice the quality of home-cooked food. Besides, experimenting is the art of creativity isn't it?


Anonymous said...

My aunt makes that! I never knew its name though... so thank you. I've absorbed my 'new piece of knowledge for the day'.

Have you ever had blueberry pikelets? They come highly recommended.

Sammy said...

Woo, what a nice dessert. A pity that blueberries are often too pricey for such a treat.

Little Monster said...

hey peaches, apricots and plums are coming back in season. perfect for making more fruit tarts!

CeXiCeX said...

when can i have one of those.... man it's blueberrilicious

Sandy said...

I LOVE Bill Granger. He has a new book out, I think?

na said...

This tart looks delish! A little overcooked (browning and dryish), but yummy! It reminds me of a tartine (a VERY easy tart that has become popular within hospitality in the past 2 years in Australia).

Check out a recipe for tartine. It's so simple and effective you feel like your cheating yourself! Its simply a matter of folding your basic pastry (of choice) over the edges of your fruit filling to get a border happening, to enhance the look and taste of the caramelised fruit inside. Topping with cream/ice cream, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a mint leaf to garnish.

You can either pan fry to finish; or place it in the oven to crisp the edges lightly.

You feature alot of blueberries in your homemade dishes, which surprises me as I know how expensive they are, and unless I'm at work, or there's a special occassion; I don't bother.

Good on you for being so creative and whipping up another tantalising dish! <3

Anonymous said...

I tried out this recipe last night and must say it was great! Easy, quick and sooo delicious.
Thank you so much for it! I have a feeling it might become a staple...