October 19, 2006

Being naughty with "health food"

Low fat yogurt from "Ski" D-light has always been my breakfast + snack ritual for years. I've been a faithful fan of all D-light's flavours of yogurt. I don't think any other yogurt brand has ever matched up to its standards! It's filling, fruity, good for my body and it's what gets me going early in the day. I've had it on its own, with raisins, fresh berries, chocolate chips *cheeky grin*, tinned fruit, cereal....etc.... and after last night; I've had it frozen!
I'm not a Nazi with fat content and daily sugar/saturated fat intake (*thinks of the glazed doughnut I stuffed in my face this afternoon*) but I try my best *grin* Haha. If you're not quite like me with healthy eating, omit the swirl of jam and berry sauce in this recipe. The sugar added takes it off the "health food" list but I'm often in denial and I'll leave it as it is. *wink*
1/4 cup sugar
500ml low fat yogurt (berry flavoured preferably)
1 cup skim milk
1 punnet strawberries chopped roughly
1 tbsp berry jam/spread
2 tbsp sugar
Beat yogurt, milk and 1/4 cup sugar in a large jug. Pour into mixture into Ice cream maker and allow to churn according to manufacturers instructions.
Microwave jam, sugar and berries in a heat proof bowl on high for 2 minutes. Stirring well every 30 seconds. Mush and combine till it forms a thick pulp. Set aside and refrigerate while frozen yogurt is made.
Pour prepared frozen yogurt into a 1.5l capacity container, drizzle in the berry mixture and create random swirls. Freeze overnight till set completely. The mixture should resemble sorbet. Don't expect it to turn out smooth and creamy like ice-cream....it isn't an indulgent dessert! :PI have been having scoops of this for breakfast with fresh berries. I know it's naughty...but *sigh* it's oh so nice.... *giggle*


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..this from ur Ice Cream maker? Interesting..and very healthy (in a sort of way..well..far healthier than having ice cream..no??)

A lover of yoghurt, has a yoghurt maker at home and would make some quite often, plain yoghurt but would add a dash of ribena for the sweeness and eat it by itself...or chopped bananas...yummy

Brilynn said...

We don't have that yogurt here, but I'm a fan of all things frozen, so I'm sure I would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

did you mean health food?

Anonymous said...

yum! i can't wait to try it!i love berries.
(haven't heard back from other azn gurls yet....but as soon as i do i'll be blogging "us"

Anonymous said...

QV!!! You come n squat here too?? Aiyo...you are everywhere! LOL :P

Anyway....gurl, you are SUCH a tease!!! All that food...aiyo!! Tis good to see another kaki here in Sydney though. Gonna check out ur recipes n make my man fat!! :D

Anonymous said...

darn it ! how good is that...pig

and have to say ski d-lite is one of the best, from another yogurt lover =)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

quavadis: Haha tahts waht I like to think ;). THanks for the extra ideas on frozen yogurt! Will definitely give them a go

brilynn: I bet using any favourite brands of yours would work great too!

anonymous: Yes...Health food...Hahaha!

acaligurl: cANT WAIT! :)

yvy: YOu're in sydney too?? Where abouts from? Malaysian too?

ashwini: Haha....you're starting to say "pig" now? I remember the times in school when it used to be "cow" :P Hahahaha miss you darls! *hugshugs*

Anonymous said...

YvY!! U squat here also ah? hehehe..I stumbled upon this site recently and fell in love with it :P

Suyin, yeah...YvY is from Malaysia...now married to an aussie and thus moved to Sydney..u must meet up with her and teach her how to cook and get all the ingredients she need to survive..such as bawang merah, ginger, lengkuas, spices and such hahaha :P