September 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Wei Hon!

"Owen" as we would call him. He's almost always the life of the party, the friendliest amongst the dinner guests and the most gracious host when you're over at his place. His personal habits and numerous personalities often contradict one another in many ironic ways; but I guess that's what makes him special, unique and different. It's always fun having him around to hang out, have drinks and watch him turn into a "nigga" after 5-6 shots of vodka! *laughs* He's a child trapped in a 21 year old body. An extremely independent, organized and responsible "child" of course! Haha. To date; I have never met a teenage boy with a neater/cleaner room than Owen....he puts "fussy+tidy" girls to shame!He organized a birthday bash at Coogee Beach; which in my opinion, was an AWeSome idea! There were free bbq pits in the public area, plenty of benches to sit on, endless beach activities and a great view as we chowed down.I made our birthday boy a "sexy" cake; *gasp* no it isn't porn, nor is it meant to be obscene! *laughs* He's 21, loves Anime and computer games (specifically final fantasy), it couldn't be anymore appropriate. ;)For those who aren't too certain about what they're looking at; the naked girl in the bed is Tifa, a character from his favorite Final Fantasy edition; VII. The sword she is holding is from the game as well. If you take a closer look, you'll spot a tiny crown hanging over the bed frame; it's just something he has lying in his room. He loves it and he's had it for the last 3 years I've known him.
He loved the cake; even the way it tasted. The guests thought it was delicious too!
I'm glad everyone had a slice, I was worried there wouldn't be enough to go around considering how small it was. I didn't expect mine to be the "Main" Birthday cake; it was just a present from me to hon....but lucky enough; another couple brought a cake with them to the party. The cake was a Kahlua mud chocolate cake sandwiched with buttercream and the modeling and bits and pieces were formed by hand with sugar paste, fondant and some chocolate modeling paste. I drew on most of the details...but I wasn't too happy with how the skin texture turned out. I work too slowly with fondant, and my fingers aren't dainty enough; I often accidentally "break" pieces off. I guess practice will make things better eventually.

The day was perfect for a barbeque; it has stretches of strong sunshine and cloudy breezy moments which relieved a little heat. I wish I made time to jump in for a swim, my stroll on the beach didn't hit the spot.


Babe_KL said...

you certainly are very creative and have very deft hands! next time you come back and make birthday cakes for my boiboi :D

Ow3N~w3iHoN said...

SUYINNNNN!! thank you ever so very very veeeeerry much! I LOVED the cake to bits!! In the end, i had to throw the bits of Tifa away as... flies landed on em, so i couldnt eat em... *sighh...* ah well.. thanks so much for coming today! hope u had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh manz!! I love the cake!! Its sooooooo cuteeeeeeee!!! If yr my friend and its my birthday, I bet u will bake for me a girl clad in a saree right ... heeeeee oooo we all need a friend like you!!!!

Brilynn said...

Wow! That is some cake!

Anonymous said...

Su Yin,

Through Haneem I learned of this wonderful blog of yours. In fact she dedicated a birthday entry for you recently . (guess no one made any special cake for you then eh? )

I am in utter awe of your cooking prowess. Looking at Wei Hon's cake, I just gasped! Sure is a pretty cake!

Well, you wont have any problem with your choice of vocation when you come back eh? Opening a deli would be apt!

Take care!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

babekl: haha thanks :) i a couple of years...haha

wei hon: youre very welcome :)

michie: A girl clad in a saree holding up trays of delicious lookign goodies and a chef hat! WooHoO! :P

brillynn: thanks :)

dith: awww thanksss....oh no...i havnt been to neem's blog in ages...i should pop by. Haha Im in Malaysian everyyear for holidays and Chinese new year...its nice to be home once a year.

Anonymous said...

Lolz, that is indeed a "sexy" cake. You're so nifty with your hands, Su. Great one on this!

Ow3N~w3iHoN said...

visit my blog too! i changed blog... again.. hahaha!

:P cya there!

Anonymous said...

You made that? (i stumbled on your blug while blog-hopping btw). I'm amazed! I wouldn't mind if you were one of my flatmates/friends;D

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

jacelyn: haha thanks :)

owen: i will :)

Angeline: haha...whereabouts are u?