September 8, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday MunLin

Mun Lin @ Lin : turned 21 last August, extremely thoughtful and generous, Malaysian, sweet, charming, intelligent, drives a cool car ;) and a 3rd year Med student at UNSW. I haven't discovered much about her considering how we rarely meet over the many years we've known each other; but I'm glad I made it to her 'celebrate-birthday-with-list'.She invited us to dinner at "Jazushi"; a Japanese restaurant which boasts fusion Japanese food with expensive flair and entertaining live jazz musicians. The set-up was dim and filled with classy ambiance; I was glad I chose to dress up pretty for the occasion. *grin* I brought with me a small token of appreciation made specially for Lin the night before. It was a small Chinese take-out box topped with mini bite size lemon cupcakes frosted with vanilla buttercream and tiny handmade fondant decorative pieces. I discovered from a reliable source; that she loves green, shopping...and.... that was all I had to work with. I came up with a few simple designs to match the theme. A girly high-heel shoe, a pretty gift box, a stethoscope and 'medical' bag, flowers, and pretty teal colored shiny dragees. Yellow bits were citrus peel to match the lemon vanilla cupcake flavor. The red take-out container was a last minute idea which I figured would probably be more interesting than an ordinary box/bag. She was thrilled with the tiny little cupcakes; specifically the one with the high-heel sandal. I've got a feeling she's planning not to eat it. *laughs*
Happy Belated Birthday Lin! All the best for the future; and thanks so much for inviting us to celebrate your birthday with you. Hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours!! *hugz*!

p.s: You look great btw. Good work with the gym! Hehe

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