August 30, 2006

Malaysia Fest 2006

*gets excited!* ;)
CAlling out to ALL Sydneysiders~!! :Come get your coffee fix!
Spend your weekend with us at Tumbalong Park; Darling Harbour, for an exciting afternoon full of SCRUMptious Malaysian goodies and lively cultural entertainment and of course; to pop by our fun filled 'Ipoh White Coffee' stall to say "Hello".
3rd September 2006 10am-6pm Tumbalong Park-Darling Harbour
Click Here for more details on this exciting annual event!We 5 eager and enthusiastic Malaysian girls have been preparing for our stall and merchandise at the Malaysia Fest 2006 for almost more than a month and we're looking forward to introducing everyone to Ipoh's Famous "Ipoh White Coffee" @ "pak-kopi" by Home's Cafe. The coffee is manufactured and imported from Ipoh and is now made available to all Sydney foodies and coffee-addicts in convinient 3in1 packs.
Evolving in line with the modern times; Ipoh white coffee manufacturers have produced adventurous new flavours such as Orange and Hazelnut. For those watching thier weight; 'light' sugar is also an available option in our range of flavours. Intrigued? Come check them out on Sunday!
Together with our tantalizing and fragrant mixes of coffee flavours; we will also be selling delicious colourful chocolate chip cookies(in patriotic Malaysian colours) by Azalia and Mini white-coffee cupcakes by your's truly *grin*(As expected of me? Haha, cupcakes are such a ME thing; *laughs*). Come try a couple; and If you ask nicely, I might just provide you with the secret recipe! *sneaky grin* hehe.
Separate sealed 3in1 packs will also be sold to those who would like to have their cosy cuppa at home!
Ipoh White Coffee?
Here's a couple of interesting facts about the coffee.
Ipoh "White" Coffee is a roast of coffee prepared using a unique method that combines elements of modern approaches with traditional Malaysian brewing practices. The term "white coffee" originates from the literal translation of its Chinese name. (Pak ko-pi)
Traditionally, Malaysian style "black" coffee roast (also known as Hainanese coffee; not to be confused with the serving style of coffee without milk) is produced by roasting the beans with sugar and margarine. "White" coffee, on the other hand, is produced with only margarine and without any sugar, resulting in a roast that is less dark, hence the term "white" coffee. Note that the idea that white coffee is produced from a different species of coffee is a common misconception; the species normally used in this roast is the Robusta. The name "white coffee" is associated with Ipoh, due to it originating from Ipoh (in particular, its Old Town). Exceedingly popular in Ipoh, "white" coffee is slowly but steadily gaining a following in other regions of Malaysia and abroad.

Looking forward to see YOU there!
Remember to check out my talented friend "Ivy" on stage, trace the aroma of fragrant white-coffee and look out for my pretty tiers of cupcakes!

Edit: I would like to wish all fellow Malaysian's
wOOHooo...*laughs* here's a short clip of our cheerful Azalia and her friend ERin. It's a sweet clip to remind us Malaysian students abroad how much we love our beloved country; special, unique, colourful and exciting is so many ways...*sigh* Malaysia....there's no place like home!


BEVERLY! said...

I'm so looking forward to this.. I'll def be there and will keep a lookout for your stall so I can take pics and try it out! :P I LOVE Ipoh hor fun but have never tried the coffee.


Unknown said...


Pity I'm not in Sydney to visit your booth. I love white coofee, and have my 'fix' once or twice a year in Ipoh :)

Juanita So said...

I'm making puff crusts. All-purpose flour is too heavy for it to lift up and become crispy. It's alright. I'll hunt around. Thanks.

ViNi said...

Death to coffeee!!!! lol

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

beverly: Looking forward to seeing u there :) lol

angie: Ipoh is such a great place to visit just for FOOD!! haha

Juan: No worries :), I've never made puff crusts before, not too sure waht youre referring too...but if you're talking bout making pastry, try italian 101 flour available at the supermarket. Or you can try asking the gourmet deli's if they have the type of flour you need.

vanessa@ vini: LOL...why would you try to kill coffee when im trying to promote it!! nice to hear from you after soO long...we really need to make an effort to keep in touch@! hehe now i have youre blog address; I can read about what youre doing everyday ;) :P

Petala said...

I will see you there sometimes on Sunday... I whant to try your cupcakes and of course your "white coffee". Looking forward to that!!!

Anonymous said...

omg i know that Erin girl.she went to the same college (INTEC).omg omg