August 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Ling-Ling!

My wonderful girlfriend; Ling Wei @ Ling-ling celebrates her 21st birthday tomorrow. I would like to wish her the very best in her coming years, and may she find her dream pair of shoes/backpacker-dude soon! ;)We've only gotten to know each other better the past couple of months despite having gone through an entire year of college together in 2003! I've been discovering so many amusing things about this extremely charming individual; who never fails to make me laugh with her strange antics. She almost reminds me of my own weird self!
A HAPPy HappY 21st birthday to Ling!!
With love from all of us;
Pinky, Amrit, Artem and I.
*Hope you like your little pouch rolled up in ribbon, and try not to think too much of the calories as you munch away on your pretty cake. XOXO.The cake was a luxurious Red velvet cake covered in cream cheese and almond flakes around the border. The perfume bottle and clutch pouch are both cupcakes covered in marshmallow fondant and designs piped with royal icing. Little tiny bits of cosmetics and keys were made from sugar paste and blue dragees.

Here's what I did with bits of extra cake batter...I gave them the "Classic Cupcake" look. Cream cheese frosting topped with a walnut and a glazed cherry to finish! I guess when I talk about or picture in my mind a "cupcake" would look something like this. They were too delicious to last more than a day! Mmm...I love scraps from baking large cakes! *cheeky grin*


Liz :) said...

Wow!!! Fantastic! How long did it take you to make this? :)

Petala said...

Hi Suyin

I've been visiting your blog everyday... I absolutely love the way you write about your day and most of all your cooking...
Like "almost" all you have done, this cake is wonderfull. I love to decorate cakes and this one is wow!!! By the way; today I've done your mango cupcake with cream cheese topping and it was a success! My husband said it was the best... thanks for sharing your recipes with us.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Liz: took bout a couple of days :) It was worth the trouble, the birthday girl loved it!

Xenia: hey!! Its nice to hear from you. Haha "almost?" are you implying that i'm being sneaky ;) hahaha
Im so glad the cupcakes went well for you! Its such a refreshing change to the normal flavoured cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

yehh...bday girl loved it!
didnt know it took so long...thanks so so much!!
thanks to amrit, pinky and artem too.

Lex said...

hey su yin... how do u make cream cheese frosting.. looks damn good! :D

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

heylex sorry for the late reply on the frosting. Beat 1 stick of philly cheese with 2 cups of icing sugar. Beat till smooth and sugar is completely dissolved to get a thick rich frosting. Usually take more than 30 mintues for me LOL. Make sure u keep this frosting chilled :)