August 27, 2006

The BIG 21!

...well; not as big as I thought it would be actually.
I haven't been actively bloggin the past couple of days due to busy hours in the kitchen, excessive alcohol and piles of cleaning up to do all over the house. I've got a 'helper' downstairs with the cleaning now; so I have my hands free to get on the computer for a few minutes *evil* Haha.There's lots worth I'll try to get organized in segments ;)

My 'Thank You's
A big BIG thanks to Pinky and Amrit for helping me out! You guys are the best!! They took pity on my 2 days of slogging and self destructive ideas of having a HEAP of different finger food and fiddly details which I should have probably left out. I guess I wasn't going to be satisfied with just ordering pizza and handing everyone a roll of garlic bread each. It was my own way of showing the guests how I appreciated their presence. *smiles*. Which brings me to the next big thank you to everyone who showed up! It meant alot to me and artem...thanks for dropping by to wish us well on our 21st.
And of could I forget...thanks Dad+mom for the huge budget on the party! Although I only managed to spend a small fraction of it on the party, it felt great to have permission to go nuts!
The Preparation3 bruised fingers, 2 tired housemates and 1 sleep deprived cook later; the party looked marvelous! I just wished I had more extra time to make myself look as marvelous before the party began! I pop into my favorite comfy curdroys, smudge on some eyeliner and was on my way back into kitchen to finish up the last minute dishes. *The first door bell rang*. And I was convinced that I had enough food to feed a herd of hungry bulls! *tsk tsk* I was soo wrong...

The Food

We handed out invites to about 50 people in total and I predicted that only 20-25 people would actually turn up. I had to make provisions for those who would be "sick","busy", "tired","sleeping","forgetful" or...well *shrug*; they probably have never had Su-Yin-cooked-food *wink*Haha. I'm actually quite happy we didn't exceed 30 that evening; our tiny townhouse was getting a little cramped and the food wasn't even enough to feed 20! *gasp* Our party began around 6.30...we started eating at 7.15...and table filled with food was almost completely wiped clean by 8pm! Several guests who arrived late didn't have a chance to have most of the better stuff as the early birds devoured their second, third, fourth helpings! I felt a little guilty for not providing enough for everyone; but I guess those who came later didn't really expect to have much food left. I only made 30-ish slices/pieces of many intricate and dainty delicacies and I guess they were the firsts to go.
2 HUGE pots of Pasta - 1 with an olive bolognese sauce+ boccocini and the other with a cream based sauce (Pinky helped me Make these!!!) *hugs*- they were yum!
Saganaki- deep fried haloumi cheese cubes on skewers

Chinese Dumplings- With turnip, shallots and minced chicken+pork
Barwan - Deepfried spicy vegetable fritters made with tumeric, coriander and
dried shrimp
Roast Pumpkin Salad- This is the first time the guests actually ate their GReenS at our parties! LOL. Usually nobody touches the salad.
Salsa in lavash cups- They were daintily presented with the help of some mini plastic cups.
Beef Stragonof pastries- Made these at the very end; didn't get to take a good picture before it was all gone. I personally don't eat beef but I heard from the others that it was delicious! Here's a picture of one disappearing into Qimyi's tummy.
Egg sandwiches- with a little mint leaf and tomato slice hidden within (AMrit made these! They turned out delicious! Despite how she's had 0.5% experience working in the kitchen. Lotsa *hugs* Sandhu...thanks :))
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese crackers
Made some on soft white bread too- the little herbs are Dill
Baby boccocini's wrapped in prosciutto
Grilled asparagus spears rolled in prosciutto

Turkey and mustard roll ups- I used whole grain mustard and small shreds of gourmet lettuce in between.

Cupcakes - I had SO Many MaNY many cupcakes. Flavours: Lemon poppyseed and Chocolat
e fudge cupcakes. I made the butterflies with chocolate and the flowers were dried pineapple slices.Coconut tarts topped with mixed fruit- they were filled with indulgent mascarpone cream
Trifle cups- with pineapple slices and homemade custard

Tiramisu cups- with yummy Kahlua liquor and ginger nut cookie crumbs on the bottom.
The Cake
Instead of making 2 separate cakes for us each; I decided to just pile them up to make a MASSIVE one! I covered the cake in strawberries to form a huge mountain of fruit and chocolate covered road to our 21st @ key at the other end of the cake. The cake was layered in butter sponge and milk chocolate layers topped with white chocolate buttercream. I bought an entire box of strawberries for this one; but it was definitely worth it! I noticed guests having fun poking at the berries throughout the night. I did my share of 'picking' at the berries too *guilty*I made the cake toppers of me and Artem out of sugarpaste and sat them facing away from each other with berries in between so it wouldn't inappropriately look like a "wedding" cake. A cheeky friend of ours was dying to do some damage to the cake after we were done with the cake-cutting and distributing. *laughs* From the evil grin on his face; I could tell he was having lots of fun with Artem's sugar model. The Guests
Everyone was extremely generous with compliments on the food and it showed how much they loved the food when I had everyones belly bloated by the end of the night. Most guests came with alcohol and some with sweet thoughtful presents and cards...they really didn't have to; I was overwhelmed by all the attention. Thanks dear friends for providing the party drinks, the good wine, strong vodka, cases of beer, beautifully wrapped gifts, wonderful cards, pretty flowers, meaningful presents and sincere hugs. After food; the living room was getting a little crowded and guests poured into the stairwell and outside into the garden where the boys drank vodka and challenged each other to rounds of foosball in the cold weather. It wasn't like any of our other parties where everyone got drunk and could barely get up to leave; this time around I was probably the only one drunk, extremely happy and energetic as I combed through the house filled with friends, entertaining them with my verbal diarrhea throughout the night. And of course, I only discovered all of this the next morning. *tsk tsk* It was a good thing the party was over about 12...I don't think I would have lasted any longer before I did any major 'damage' *I blame shaun* wasn't the "White-Russian" this time...It was the "Black"! *laughs*
I would love to extend a special thank you and *hug* to a very sweet little girl who made me a birthday card@drawing; Caitlyn! I'm truly touched and I've have it permanently plastered on my fridge! *proud smile*


Henry said...

wow~ those food look SO SO SO damn good, im lost for words once again~ to describe ur food=) even though i didnt even eat it=p

arghgh damn wish i was invited hahah keep it up.


Mallini said...

Hey, Many happy returns! I'm sure the party was a blast. My mum is still wondering how you did everything when even cooking for a party of 6, wears her out. ^_^. Your cake looks GOR-GE-OUS. how long did it take? Anyway, happy 21st. Can't wait to read about your 22nd next year!!

Unknown said...

Hi Su-Yin, I want to say you have a great blog here! And Happy 21st birthday!

Edith said...

Happy Belated Birthday. May all your dreams come true.

Seems like a fantastic party you got and not forgetting the awesome spread of food.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

haha hey guys! thanks ffor the brithday wishes...forgot to clear something up birthday is on the 12th of september ;), just had a party earlier. Will be busy the next couple of weeks LOL

Unknown said...

One word - Amazing! You're simply amazing, gal! Everything look so professional and even better than caterings I've seen. Not to mention, they look absolutely yummy. =) I've always wanted to hold a party like that, preparing all the food myself, but never able to. haha, I must "bai ni wei shi". Overall, Bravo, Su Yin!

Nic said...

Well, early birthday or not, this looked like one fantastic party Su-Yin! I'm not surprised that the plates were wiped clean almost as soon as people walked in the door.

ashieBee said...


everything looked soooo yummy and gud!!!!! how did u managed to do all that???? terror lah u :)
nwy, an early birthday wish for ya... happy 21st babe!

your loyal reader; ashieBee

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

thanks everyone, very sweet of you guys to say....
becareful with the compliments. This little amatuer ched might start to get proud *grin*

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Wow. Amazing effort. Everything looks so tasty and professional! You should be proud!

jiahui said...

wow! can you cater for my sis's wedding instead?? haha. you're really good! and happy 21st bday in advance!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Helen: Hehe..proud of the effort; but not too sure about being proud of my cooking skills yet due time..practise makes perfect *blush*

jiahui: hmm...dont think im ready for that sort of thing! Haha; dont really have that sort of confidence to cook for a WEDDING! LOL
Thanks for the birthday wish :)

joey said...

happy birthday girl!!
your cake is so pretty.. and yummy looking.. =P and the food!*stomach grumbling*
good job!! =)

Babe_KL said...

i wished i got the invite hahaha looked like you had a fabulous party there. happy belated 21st birthday!!!!

nadiairyani said...

Happy Belated Birthday Su-yin ^_^, OMG you are so good woman in preparing those food ^_^!!! I salute you Huen Su-yin !!! *hugs and kisses*

jiahui said...

hey su-yin, i was just wondering, how did you secure the plates to the glasses? won't they slip off??


Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

jia hui: very stick tack things and tape LOL...the weight of the food was quite heavy and the stands were secured onto the table as well; so it was pretty safe

CeXiCeX said...

WAhhhhhhhhhhh........... look at all the recipessssssss.... i know su yin was a guud cook...but not until this standard...this wan is style pakai topi aredi man.... i mean the topi white wan the hotel king chef wear wan la..not the capalang mamak wear by the road side wan..hehe... i'm really impress la.. wahlau now regret man never go her bday party...all those food......umm......uummmmmmm..... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... eh saliva dripping man.... should have taken off.... anyway... very very nice i ever i'll always have someting to read need always read boring news from the star online paper again...whahwhaw... eh wait i adjust my come senget.....ok ok... keep up the good work..continue blogging... and ermm..when i know some publishers next time..i'll ask them to publish ur blog as a book..whawha.. then i take commission...hehe...... muahhaa... cheers....

jellyfungus said...

just look at those strawberriesss!!