July 5, 2006

Vietnamese Rolls

I purchased sheets of rice paper from the Asian Supermarket a couple of months ago, but haven't had a chance to use them till today. I've always wanted to to try making Vietnamese dishes; especially these dainty little rolls filled with crunchy delightful vegetables and sweet prawns braised with chilli and coriander. The one time I've had these was about a year ago in Newtown, Sydney; at a friends birthday dinner. It was probably the only thing I remembered from the entire Vietnamese meal. The flavours were outstanding and no other cuisine I know has something similar. They turned out looking a little messy with leakages all over the place from my fiddly fingers and the prawns weren't too good as I used frozen ones; but I was satisfied nonetheless; overall I think the light and healthy meal was delicious!
2 cups medium sized prawns (I used frozen ones)
2 bunches coriander diced finely
1 tbsp sweet chili sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp sesame seeds
2 inch cube ginger sliced thinly

2 cloves garlic pound and diced
saute all ingredients in a shallow pan till prawns turn pink and sauce is thick. Start with oil, condiments, liquid sauces and lastly prawns and coriander. Reserve 2 tbsps of liquid for the dipping sauce.
5-6 sheets rice paper
Lebanese cucumber sliced thin
carrot sliced thin
1 red chilli sliced into long strips
Dunk the rice paper sheets into warm water for 30 seconds or less and remove briskly when pliable. Lay filling ingredients + prawns neatly in the center and fold in the left and right corners. Wrap up in a roll from the corner closest to you.
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp hoi sin sauce
1 red chilli diced into rings
Stir in the reserved sauce from the prawns into all other ingredients. Microwave on high for 1 minute and serve as dipping sauce.This was what kept me busy the entire morning! Was for a friend visiting from Adelaide who requested for me to bake her something~ anything! haha It didn't take me too long...but made me a little late for the lunch appointment. They were white chocolate cupcakes with blueberries and a chocolate ganache topping. The centers were filled with oozzing chocolate. I will disclose my secret to these yummy delights in a couple of days when my parents and sister are visiting *wink*


Anonymous said...

those cupcakes look sooo yummy!! will u be posting the recipe?


Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

yea carrots...probably on friday; if I find the time. Will be baking them with my sister.

pinknest said...

white chocolate and blueberries sounds like a heavenly combination!

Zulmy García said...

Hello Su-Yin,
Today, 31st of august is BlogDay and as part of that I have to chhose blogs and post it in mine. I'm fromVenezuela, South America and love your blog.. you are one of my suggestions.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

thanks zulmy :)...I hopped over to your page; I wish i understood the language! Haha...you've got lovely pictures on your blog though! Great array of ingrdients which I've probably never seen in my life!! *sigh* I should explore more often hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin,
I am very impressed with your vietnamese rice paper roll attempt. I own a vietnamese takeaway store in the Sydney CBD (its called "Chop Chop" - www.chopchop-online.com.au), and I can tell you first hand that rolling the perfect rice paper is really hard. You should come into our store one day and sit with the ladies who make our roles - they will have you rolling the perfect rice paper in no time.