July 11, 2006

Back from Cairns...

I haven't typed an entry since Saturday; and for me, that's a loNNnng Long time; considering how I've been typing daily entries ever since I started off 4 months ago. My family has been over in Australia with me the past week and I haven't had time alone to cook or blog much. It's difficult as we've set up a tight schedule throughout the week filled with activities from whitewater rafting, snorkeling, hotair ballooning to skiing and coastal walks in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.
I am desperately trying to tear myself away from the family for 30 minutes to try to type in an entry...but trying to concentrate with the constant chatter and questions thrown at me is beginning to give me a headache....I'll just have to post a couple of pictures and run-off.
Hope you guys miss me *wink* hehe
Oh ...yes...almost forgot to share the great news...my parents bought me a new camera!! (LUMIX DMC-FX01) It takes up to 6 mega pixels and the handling is Amazing!!Photography on this blog will be improving in the next couple of months....the first picture I took of Blueberry Friands I whipped up for our family breakfast last Saturday is proof enough!
Will be back in Blogger-sphere by next Tuesday when I get to return to my kitchen and have some peace and quiet around the house. Hopefully I'll be more inspired with the ideas I collect from my trips around Australia throughout these 10 days! We will be going off to Perisher Blue for some cold and snow sports for the weekend. *waves goodbye*


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Edith said...

Been a constant reader to your blog. Being with family is always nice. Enjoy your holiday.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Neem: I had lots of fun!! haha

precious moments: Thanks lots...I'm back to my usual daily blogging routine; the Holiday didn't allow much time for rest; but was definitely worth the exhaustion! it was a fun filled-10 days worth of adventurous activities.