June 26, 2006

How fast can you cook? Compilation #1

Taste wise...I wouldn't dare claim I'm any close to the best. But in terms of speed...I think I have it down pat! For the three of us; it isn't much about fancy meals and extravagant ingredients, us Uni students just want to eat quick; wash up...and get on to the next agenda! (unfortunately for us; it currently is having our noses stuck in books! *sob*). I usually have a variety of things stocked up in my fridge and pantry for at least 2 main meals a day throughout the week. The menu is usually planned and made up in my head as I grocery shop in the weekends. It includes fresh ingrdients in season, food items on sale/discount or occasional strange things I spot and want to experiment with! Although I dont usually have a lot of time to blog about each and dish I serve up; I usually snap a couple of shots before we dig in. I have to admit...I DO occasionally get a headache with the "what to cook today-syndrome" but Pasta always seems to solve all my worries! Haha, I love pasta...its so tempting to just make a sauce out of any vegetable/meat in the fridge and toss it with a spaghetti/penne!
I've compiled several pictures this week on many occasions when I did NOT cook pasta ;) and decided it would be great to share some ideas with everyone on how to make cooking at home less of a drag.
Bangers and Mash Served with soft browned onions, garlic sauce and golden onion rings. If you like; this can be wrapped in a large piece of white bread/bread roll as a hot dog with mash and gravy! Lebanese Bread Roll-up (I usually put our favourite sandwich fillings in these, they're heaps easy + quick to make and its more interesting that just a plain sandwich)These are the perfect pick-up-and-go lunches. tip: *melt a good layer of cheese onto the bread surface in the grill before topping off and rolling up! Tomato Soup with croutons (I used leftover pieces of bread, torn up and popped under the grill for crisp edges and corners)Indonesian fried rice served with a Chinese chive omelet and Spicy Pork Mince Patties (this is one of those easy-to-wash up meals where eveyrthing is cooked and dished out from the same pan!) I usually pan fry the meat patties in the wok, Dish them out, cook the fried rice...and dish that out...add a little bit more oil to the wok and in goes the omelete! ...its lazy, but it's alot simpler to clean up!Mini Pizza's (this usually takes a little more effort when I use a homemade dough for the pizza base, but it's easy to just use the premade ones you can get at the supermarket)Grilled Chicken Thighs stuffed with grated cheese + semi dried tomatoes and wrapped with prosciutto. I usually serve this with salad/mash/roast potatoes/garlic bread and a tiny drizzle of a cream based sauce. (It looks more complicated than it actually is!) Mash is extremely convenient to whip us as a side dish when you have a microwave! I'm so lucky my housemates love it!My dear Amrit joined me in the kitchen to watch me cook this morning and curiously questioned;
" Waa....How do you come up with so many different types of meals to cook all the time?!"
I wouldn't take all the credit for such creative meals I dish up everyday. I get insprired by many different things. It's probably the many many food magazines I read, the restaurant menu's I often intricately comb through and photographs / display of food all around me which never fail to attract my attention. I guess you just have to love food, be adventurous with it and actually make time to create the ideas you have in your head.


Edith said...

wow you definitely been kept busy. Great food.

Ange said...

Mmm, the Bangrs & Mash look & sound like the perfect comfort food for a cold Winters night in Melbourne & beleive me we've had a few of those lately!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

precious moments: Yea I hav; been cooking lotsa quick meals though....exams around the corner! Dont have much time to experiment with anythin new.

ange: aww dont feel too bad; Sydney weather hasnt been too good the past week either..but its beginning to clear up and were having sunny skies now :)

Jen said...

Even in a rush your dishes are amazing.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Thank jen :)
Love what you have done wiht "Cocoa's" winter scarf! haha

Audrey Cooks said...

Well Suyin, at least your mom and dad knows that their wonderful daughter has been eating well! chuckle!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Audrey: I bet theyre happy with me not eating MSG laced restaurant food and instant meals filled with preservatives! Saves us a ton of money too! haha...MORe money for SHOES!! *swwooon* *evil grin*...prettyyyy shoes~....haha

ViNi said...

Gosh, I am not even close to keeping up with you, and I'm the cook of the house man. Baked for my first time, let's just say the cookies were only ok, lol. Few first batches burnt because my oven is old and too hot!
'Pui fok pui fok' I will be trying your stuff.
Way outdated because I only really start cooking this year, lol.
Mwaah miss ya :P

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

keep trying vanessa! haha its great that youre getting into it too! :)
miss ya lots!

Swapna said...

Good Lord!
How on earth do you manage to take out time for such lovely looking stuff!
Really wonderful blogsite!

Anonymous said...

hey you think we can have your tomato soup recipe?