May 17, 2006

Pink fairy cakes

Strawberries in the fridge were getting a little old, I had to use them up before they begin to go bad. I am on a fairly tight schedule througout the day and I had to wake at 7.30 this morning to satisfy my urge to bake a batch of cupcakes. Don't really have much time to blog about my strawberry cupcake recipe, but here is how the frosting was made.
1 block philly cream cheese softened
2 cups icing sugar
2 tbsp strawberry jam (preferably without pulp)
1 drop red liquid food colouring (optional)-this gives it a brighter pink tint.

Cream all ingredients in a mixing bowl until well combined, and spread/pipe onto cooled cupcakes.

Simply put, the cupcakes were made with my favourite basic vanilla cupcake batter + 3 tbsp's berry jam and fresh diced strawberries.

*sigh* I wish my uni assignments would turn into cookie dough....they would be yum and I could bake them!


B-Inspired said...


It's good to hear about your passion for food too! I am much the same!

Please come to my blogs:

Dove World said...

Hi Su Yin,

I'm Patrina (fr Klang). Would like to let you know that you have a beautiful blog and even more wonderful pictures of cakes.

Keep up the good work and continue being a blessing.

Was wondering if i can have your email add, as i would like to discuss with you about a birthday cake i would love to present to my hubby.

You can also view my blog at At least a better idea of who i am.

Hope to hear from you soon. God bless