April 25, 2006


Simply put, Wah Tan Hor is Chinese wok fried noodles topped in a silky egg laced sauce cooked with meat and condiments. I made barbecued chicken (chicken char siew) this afternoon as meat. I first learnt to make Wahtanhor from watching the old lady at my high school canteen who used to dish plates of noodles out by the trays! She had a very large wok and I enjoyed watching her flip and stir as the dangerous flames rose up the sides from the enormous stove top!
Seafood is usually used in the egg sauce, however; seafood isn't usually included on our grocery lists (too expensive and hard to keep fresh) so *shrug* ; Chicken 'charsiew' is good too!
I opened the pack of rice noodles i had set aside for the dinner and was shocked to find moss looking green spots covering the middle strands! Mortified and half way thru my cooking, I decided to just use beehoon (rice vermicilli) I had left in my pantry. Tasted just as yummy!


Anonymous said...

are you sure that is wah tan hor? the egg and the sauce seem to be separated. or is that veg. quite blind.

Anonymous said...

tai koh,

delia smith dvd with mum,come home & we will be yr guniea pigs