May 21, 2011

They brought back the "CHA"

If you live in KL and you've not seen or heard or tasted Chatime; it's time to get out from under that rock you live in. Haha.The biggest trend since cupcakes about 6 years ago, Chatime has now made what we remember of bubbletea cooler, healthier and definitely 100x more delicious! .. *makes endorser face* LOL
Okay; what's the deal? Su doesn't promote restaurants, bakerys or review food... so what's going on here? Haha welllll...truth is; no, chatime didn't bribe me with anything to love them, chatime didn't pay me to write about how great their selection of drinks are, they didn't sponsor me to publicly state on my blog that they are the best tea's in town and I'm addicted to them... but they serve AWESOME stuff! and they have become my friends :)
I started off as a customer back in Sydney and my loyalty to chatime's freshly brewed teas and yummy fillings followed me home to Malaysia.
Oh I'm so happy they have Chatime in KL now!
There are Chatime outlets in Penang, Sunway pyramid, Pavilion, Timesquare, SS15, SS2 and their latest one in The Garden's Mall! YAY!! that's Delectable's home and where I work~ teehee*
They were very impressed with the fancy cake work I do; and decided to have a triple tier centerpiece cake from us during their launch at the Gardens midvalley outlet recently.A little secret about my love for Chatime also involves someone really special within the company. Su has a new boyfriend now.. but he's too shy to show. There's barely a hint of him at the back of this picture; but that's about all he's going to let me publish for now. heheBeing and falling in love does funny things to me and they are reflected so positively on my cakes and ideas. It was about time someone gave me a hand with mending my broken bits and pieces :)
*does a flighty dance*
Macha Green Tea Latte
Catch ya laTER~


LINK: - about chatime


boo_licious said...

hurray for Chatime & lurve!! Splashie Boy is addicted to it...he must have it at least 2x a week since they opened in Gardens. Lovely to see a blurry image of Mr. B.

crustz said...

hello loves =) hehe remember me no? hehe congratulations on the great news!!!! hehe i've been suspecting something brewing up your selves! anyhooooo i hope to meet with you and him one day! haha i'm sure there are funny stories we can share about you hehe! =) i dropped by the other day but ur staff said u were around the mall 'somewhere' =) will meet up soon yeah! my classes are gonna be done! =)

cek chun said...

wowww su..
congrate :)

zm said...

happy that u're happy~~! =)

Notcathy @ Cooking Tools said...

This is really perfect for summer. Love it! They brought back because they also love it! :) Perfect!

kidoh said... !

Yasmin said...

congrads! the drinks and cakes look amazing, you look happy too! :)


ciki said...

They put the CHA back into, one two chachaCHA! LOL

Lovely pic of you.. who took it? :P

Joey Y said...

We LOVE your 7 sins of chocolate & Whipped by chocolate!!

oppss, out of topic :P

Claire M. said...

Great summer drink!

Claire M.

SK said...

So crazing a pearl milk tea right now!

Unknown said...

Really living in a stone! lol... will try it out next time...

Cefzil said...

Its good to take all sorts of experiences in life.Feeling happy for you.


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Heyhey all!
So sorry aobut the late reply;
i've been trying to keep up with everything recently.

boo + crustz: for sure my loves!

I LOVE chatime!
hahaha don't worry about the stone bit joey; i was just kidding hehe

Tiffany said...

These cakes look amazing! Which I had I had that much talent.