May 10, 2011

Sailing away to new adventures~

... well; the title is just a fancy way of me saying I want to go on holiday to a different land! hehe
Despite my packed cakeful weekends full of weddings and events, I always make time to go away for a little to be refreshed and re-inspired. It is so easy at times to be buried in consistent mountains of pressure to perform and forgetting that sometimes the best way to come about a solution to a creative problem is to step back. Having breathers keep be passionate about my job; and I always return to it with brighter enthusiasm and a collection of new ideas from abroad.

I've been collecting photos and memories from lots of different places in the past couple of years. I might have a travel section written on my blog some day.. When I'm ready to write about my adventures of the WorlD~ haaahaha most of the photographs you'd see would be of Food though... food, desserts, beaches ... plants and more food... haha I can't seem to run far from my passion for photographing all things delicious.
I was incredibly excited to make wedding cake delivery to a coastal town 2 hours away from KL city last weekend! It was going to be beach themed wedding in pretty pinks and purples. Half the excitement was from the fact that I was going to have to drive to the BEACH! YAY!!!
Any excuse to have my toes in sand is very much welcomed. I miss how close I used to be to the ocean in Sydney.


Unknown said...

Pretty! Really looking forward now to seeing the cake for our wedding in August!

Melissa O said...

Love the cakes... So pretty!!

zamre said...

Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab

zamre said...

You can make money from cake.
Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

jinger: it's going to be good! hehe

melissa: Thanks dear :)

zamre: thats really nice of you to say; it doesnt make me ALOT of money.. but its fun for now :)