March 15, 2011

Dear Japan. I wish things get better for you.

Millions of people spent a fourth night with little food, water or heating in near-freezing temperatures as they dealt with the loss of homes and loved ones. Asia's richest country hasn't seen such hardship since World War II.


Though rescue workers continue their frantic search, Japan's death toll is already expected to exceed 10,000 following Friday's magnitude-8.9 earthquake and deadly tsunami.

Asia's richest nation faces a mounting humanitarian and economic crisis in the wake of the disaster, further compounded by ongoing nuclear fears following the second hydrogen explosion in three days at a power plant.

No words can describe the way I feel about everything that has happened.
I go about my day, and not a minute passes by that I forget somewhere north east of where I stand; something so awful is amidst such a beautiful place.
I speak nothing of it to my peers and I stop at a couple phrases when I try. Though I have been incredibly curious to know if things have gotten better each time I log on to the news; watching videos and reading devastating details makes me want to look away in fear of the hurt I feel in my heart. I cannot help but watch, but each and every time.. I tear up and I lower down the screen on my laptop in prayers that the Japanese are stronger than I am. I know they are.
God; please make it better. The death toll; please let it stop.

The family and I just returned from Hokkaido, Japan, a little north of the worst hit region in Japan's coast.
We took long trips on the island train along the cliff with snow on our right and the ocean on our left. I remembered it to have some of the prettiest views I've ever encountered. To think; of the little family homes we went past; the fishing villages.. the schools and the quaint warm local eateries.. are they still there? I don't know; I've scanned the news... but I don't think I could handle the truth.
The wonderful people our family have came across and the smiling faces of the most courteous, cultured and honourable people I've come to respect.... are they okay? Are their families safe? I hope they are warm!.. the snow must be relentless at this time of year! It was the coldest holiday I've ever experienced!... gosh.. i don't think I'm going to write anymore.

Everyone. Please help Japan.
I've pledged what I am able... CLICK HERE to see how you can help too


Marina Mott said...

Here in Brazil we are praying and helping! Be sure! xx

Imagination Cakes said...

I'm shocked to see I am the first to comment. I too am saddened by what has happened to the people of Japan. I pray every moment I get for the safety of everyone effected. May God be with every person in pain and in sorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm all choked up and find it so hard to deal with the magnitude of all the suffering.
The news contrasts so sharply with the images from your happy travels.
Thanks for highlighting this current news in your blog.
I don't think many of us know what to say in the face of such calamity.

Yasmin said...

I am devistated for all those in natural disaster areas. May God be with them in this time of hardship.


Anonymous said...

Read this blog.

They paint a clear picture of what it is like for the survivors.
This is so very sad!