January 26, 2011

And the mad rush has begun!

The Lunar new year is a mere week away; and everyone seems to have been hit by sudden realization that; There's so much to do, so much to buy, so much to plan!! About a week ago; the mall's were bare and there wasn't much excitement about town.. well.. our phones and inboxs have been going off the hook since Monday with requests and orders for Chinese New Year. Haha.. i was kinda expecting this to happen. Well; culturally, Chinese people in Malaysia are into gifting, sharing and visiting friends and family during this 15 day long celebration period.
Traditionally; a host of more auspicious/symbolic food items and home baked goodies are stocked up in the house as means of exchanging gifts with guests who come by. These include; mandarin oranges, apples, pomelos, pineapple tarts, peanuts, coconut candy, loveletters, glutinous rice cakes, lotus and arrow root, ginseng, mushrooms, birds nest, peaches, plums.. hmm.. what else? ...
Chinese new year is always a big one for Delectable; the elves and I are pretty pumped for a busy busy 2 weeks ahead.
Our initial gold basket sets I had out on shelf have sold out within a week! yay!! Not to worry though..I've put together more gift sets classy red and black trays with our products inside for the coming weekend crowd of last minute shoppers. I really hope there's enough to go around. As for Su; she has been busy as a bee finishing her corporate orders which have to be delivered within the next couple of days....and well.. gosh.. there's so much to do.

I have just recently completed a new display cake for our store front; so do come take a peek at my cherry blossom cave full of bunny rabbits!!! haha It's up at The Gardens outlet. COME SEE COME seee!!! hehe
Will probably make a couple more displays when I find a moment in between all this craziness.

See you soon guys! I'm in need of some time out + eye shut


Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com said...

Looking so festive and pretty !

Happy New Year to you when it comes

Unknown said...

Very pretty!

Jamie said...

Hey, do you by chance offer cooking workshops for youngsters?

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