January 11, 2011

Gearing up for Lunar New Year 2011

It's a little quiet don't you think?The lunar new year is a mere 2 and a half weeks away; but there isn't much excitement just yet.
Yes the annoyingly loud "dong chiang" music; yes the decorations up at shopping malls.. yes the clothing outlets have "CNY sale" signs popping up; but has mom begun hanging red trimmings about the house? of are the aunts coming by with homemade cookies yet? Is dad home with the new pieces of furniture? ...hmm..
I believe everyone is just getting Christmas out of their system .. hehe. School has just begun and well; the kids and just starting to settle down.Well... IT"S TIME PEOPLE!!! CHINESE NEW YEAR IS HERE!!! haha
It's time to get the family together to go shopping~ to spend time preparing and planning for the year of the rabbit! I want to say BUNNY... because it sounds fluffy-er *giggle*

So Delectable has been getting pretty excited about CNY too! I've got lots more coming up; but I figured I might as well start everyone off early with some New Year goodies~

Our colourful Gong Xi Fa Cai bunnies in a set are RM10.Hamper baskets range from RM128 - RM320 (Please call our outlets to preorder or inquire about the contents of baskets -The Gardens Midvalley / Pavilion Delectable Treats)

Our cupcakes and cookie jar toppers have also now got on special designs to celebrate the season.

There's a special treat for those who love our XL chocolate chip cookies in the yellow tins!
From NOW till the 1st of February our yellow Delectable tins are only RM68. (RP: RM78). They
ve even got pretty themed stickers to make them perfect as gifts.
So if you've been meaning to try them; now's a great time! Hehe

Aight guys..I'll keep everyone posted on more cutesy CNY products on shelf~ if you need any preordering or large bulk quantities; you know how to get me! su@delectable.com.my ;)



Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!

foodie and the chef said...

Oh so cute ! I'm excited for the year of the rabbit - not only is he super-fluffy but "sophisticated and sensitive" according to the Chinese horoscopes :)

Unknown said...

awww!!! the new design for CNY is effin cute!!! gonna grab it soon!

Zazuza said...

I found your blog by searching for something - forgot what :)) - on google. gosh, you have some awesome photos! I'll be back here for sure :)! greetings from Vienna via Bucharest!

suzie wuzie said...

Aw so cute!!! it's finally my year! :P happy (early) chinese new year!