November 22, 2010

Wow!! They fly in from EVERYWHERE!

*random unicorn cake I made last month.. Mmmm i think she's a fat lil cutie :P

From as far as Canada to new Zealand, Tokyo to Brazil and beyond places I've ever imagine setting foot on; this blog of mine has brought me friends.. experiences and treasured tales of those who feel connected to me in baffling ways! I sometimes log on; and think "Hello WORLD" each time load up the page to type up a post. It's just mindblowingly surreal and humbling to know that there are few out there who enjoy my work and look to see something inspiring each time there's an update-(which I realize I've been taking so freaking long to do in recent weeks)
Now with the shop up and running in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; local blog readers and supporters of Delectable from the region have made their way to show love and encouragement. I must note; they have all been invaluable to me. Those from out of state; and well..Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, East Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia.. OMG!!! THANK YOU *does a crazy jap style kow-tao*
Cake and dessert lovers from all over have brought Delectable love to us; kids from South Africa, Japan, the States, England, Norway.. (I'm sorry if i've missed out any >.<) They get desserts; take pictures... sign our guest book and bring our exclusive Delectable merchandise home with them to their countries. It's amazing... I still am in shock at times...and how all this is possible! Haha before I had the video logs up; they used to comment that they were curious on what my voice might sound like; or if i had an accent. Most the time; they said it was not what they had expected of me from my photographs and line of work! *scratches head* i hope they mean it in a good way! :P
Several months back; I received a note from a cute little lady from Taiwan. We did have a couple issues communicating; but my basic Mandarin and her basic English got us into hours of conversation! hehe
Hi, Dear SU

This is Cynthia from Taiwan. Nice to meet you and your cake, so cute!
Would you mind recommand hotels near your store since I would have a trip in Kuala Lumpur in June (6/5~7).
I'm looking forward to go to your sweet and lovely store, and buy a lot of cakes! ^^

Dear Su

Appreciate for everything today and I really have a great time. =)
You are really nice, warm and so cute!
I love your store and it brings me happiness and remind me what my dream was......
Please let me know if you come to Taiwan next time.
BTW, The chocolate cake is very very delicious.!! ^__^b (very good!)
Of course, we did get a chance to meet and she was incredibly sweet! I had to take her out to dinner!! she was in Malaysia for 3 days specially to visit Delectable!
Another very memorable encounter happened just last night.

Hello Su,

I'm Didem Akben from Istanbul Turkiye. The owner of Pastanbul ( cookies and cupcakes. I also make periodic basic classes for people who want to learn and for the ones who need it advanced.
I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur, between October 19-22. Since I've been following you for nearly 5 years now, I'd be delighted to take this chance to visit the person I admire that much, while I'm there.
I'd be more than happy if you can give me maybe half an hour to see you in your place, in this beautiful part of the world.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards.
Didem Akben
Didem and her partner were incredibly delightful! It was amazing to discover little silly things that were so similar between us! haha It all comes with the job i suppose. When we met; she told me she knew EVERYTHING about me... from my very first blogging days till today.. and yea i guess it was kinda creepy to think that; but you know what... i felt an incredible connection to her! hehe and NO it had nothing to do with the delicious Turkish delights she brought from Istanbul! *sly eyes* hahaIf you take a look at her work with cookies.... WoW.. it's pretty incredibly. She's definitely got loads of talent and dexterous fingers!

Of course there are so many many others who've come by to finally have a taste of Delectable goodies, have hugs and photo sessions... and I wish I had something to capture all those moments in our store. Hmm.. I'm thinking a Polaroid camera and a photo wall!


cek chun said...

hi su. i also wish i can set foot in ur luvly shop 1 day :)

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet su, isnt this soo wonderful and so inspiring to meet people from all around the world! Loving this post so much! Have a lovely merry happy flyday and love to you!

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

aah......! these are just too cute to be eaten (haha...)...

aleth said...

Polaroid camera and a photo wall! ... should be .. must be .. definitely!! hihihi ... good idea - this photo wall,lots n lots of your 'fans' from all over the world would soon be visiting you and it would be great to have photos with you and your shop and your delicious treat!!!

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

OMG! How good does that box of chocolates look? Very divine. I wouldn't mind being locked away in a room with some of those!

Quay Po Cooks said...

Isn't amazing how we can meet people all over the world virtually? I got to stop by your shop some day.

cocoa and coconut said...

You have the best fondant shaping skills I've ever seen! I love the unicorn!

Anonymous said...


I am Josephine from Singapore. In fact, I went to your shop in Pavilion on 28th Nov but realised u were not there. The cakes were lovely but I got myself cookies instead.

Hope to see u in person the next time when I m back in KL.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Heyhey all! haha i'm sure i'll eventually meet most of you one day! the world is getting smaller! and people are travelling further! my Delectable outlets might be 'travelling' abroad too someday!! haha *fingers crossed*
THanks for leaving comments guys..
hmm i feel so bad for missing out on pictures with so many people who come by; i really need a permanent camera in the store.. wait a second! I can use the imac on display@@!! yah!! we'll do that! *light bulb moment* hahaha

MA said...

Hi Su! :D I'm one of yr cakes and macarons fans! Hehe I loveeee yr big macarons so much! I'm always craving for it :( Anyway, my birthday is coming and I wonder is there a cake just like in the 1st picture? With a Unicorn on top? Really hope you do have it in Pavilion! Do rep me, hehe thanks!