March 10, 2010

Little boys are made of...?

some say frogs, snails and puppy dog tails;
in this era; i would say ipods, PSPs and Nintendo Wii's!

Times have certainly changed; toys now are expected to speak; spin; respond and light up on command! Haha same with expectations for birthday cakes to be more and more spectacular each party! It's definitely a challenge I appreciate; it makes us cake decorators push ourselves to be inventive. I remember the time when I was a happy kid with helium balloons on my birthday! Now decorations and trimmings gotta light up! Make noises! have names printed and personalized with logos! WOW! talk about impressive!

Little girls are easier by far! haha I just have to have em cakes looking cute, cuddly, pink and princess-like! I can have blue and greens on a pretty cake for a girl; but i've got colour limitations for the boys. Ahh... the "no pinks, no pastels, no butterflies of bunnies, no flowers, no red hearts" rules... haha it's harder to work around; i love my little red hearts! :( bah

I've got somethings going on the past couple of weeks and have been hopelessly up to my knees in work. Waddling out of this pile gradually but will try my best to keep updates as frequent as possible.

xoxo world!


La Table De Nana said...

My 4 little grandsons would flip! Kudos!

Jeanette said...

U never failed to make me smile. Just by looking at your creations. I wonder how someone can have so much energy to do all these by yrs. I truly salute you and I inspire to be like you one day :) Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. It makes my day!!

Justin said...

those space & astronaut designs are great

Ciki said...

amazing! u r one talented cookie and i wanna eat u:P LOL

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

haha the little kiddies were flipping alright!

jeanette: aww.. thats so so sweet :) it humbles me to think i make a difference in other's day haha it makes mine x10000 extra special! hehe thanks for dropping us a comment.

justin: thanks! hehe

cumi: no no! not me! too much fat :P haha lemme work at the gym a little more first :D haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Su yin...your cakes look so good that i wnt even wanna eat them lil boy will be turning one this Oct...was wondering how can i get my hands on your cakes for him...problem is i'm based in Spore...=(

Anonymous said...

Hey Su Yin,
How can i grab your beautiful creation if i m in Spore?- Angie

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

anonyous + angie: yeap please check out our website at
it should answer all your questions about shipping and cupcake orders; if not there is a contact form you can fill out which we will revert to you asap :)