March 1, 2010

Just missed the end of CNY 2010

Our plane landed early this morning after a good week+ away from home. During the flight; my family and I lost a fair number of hours (earth's rotation yada-evilness) and safely returned a day shy from Chap Goh Meh!

It was a good chance for me to have a small breather; i'll fill everyone in with the details of where i've been travelling about the past year when i get around to organizing the heap of photographs i've taken.
I'm definitely going to miss the festivities in the next months or so.. well; up to when bunnies and egg hunting begins in easter! The girls have stripped clean our shop of all shades of red and gold this evening and it does leave me a little sad to fold away our bright yellow lanterns which gave the store a cheery oriental twist.

I hope everyone had a good rest and a chance to catch up with family bonding time this Chinese New Year. So who had a mandarin orange toss at the rivers last weekend? hehe any luck yet?!


kitlaura said...

your figurings are so pretty, what amazing skills you have.
best regards

Ling said...

wow...those cakes look amazing!!!
altho i miss the days when you made homecooked food...good old food porn LOL

Hazel said...

amazing skills

Katie said...

As always, your decorations and designs are amazing!

Tracy Su said...

These are too too cute! Maybe I should try making lion dancers out of socks!

CC. said...

Hi, i just found your blog link from Jenius and your cakes are really really pretty ! Haha, I was reading through and saw pictures of Jo, and he was actually my lab demonstrator at uni last year ! Such a small world ! Keep up the good work !

Unknown said...

Your cakes are beautiful! I only hope to become that good at cake decorating. I need a lot of work! I just started a class in cake decorating, more for fun, but I'll see where it might take me. So I just started a second blog: Http://

backStreetGluttons said...

We would sure love to walk in soon and check out all these lovely tinies

tommy said...

Did you go abroad to visit your relatives? I was in Singapore during CNY and was recommending my relative about your shop in the Gardens.

Ciki said...

gorgeous su.. like you!

FC88 said...

Wow, these are so adorable. Wish I can learn to do that. I also wanted to thank you for letting me use your recipe on my blog.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi all!
haha i'm going to work on making some more food porn!
*argh* kitchen is too cramped and i've got no space to take photos :( lighting here in kl is the pits too :(
I will though make an effort to photograph more. :) promiseee

tracy su: WOW! im sure that'll be so difficult! haha

c.c: hmm he's gonna freak out when ppl approach him at UNSW asking if he's su's boyfriend. haha he finds it really weird. Poor jo :( LOL he's such a cutie though! I'd love to have him as my demonstrator >.< hahahaha

penny: Oh babe! you're on your way! lots of practice and we can do anything!

backst gluttons: hahaha good to meet you in person; come visit the shop! get cake! hehe

tommy: heyhey yeap i was back in ipoh :) we were closed on the first and second day

cumi: hi beautiful! haha thanks for gracing us with your lovely presence :P hehe

fc: thats no worries :) hehe

Dory said...

It would be very nice to see a video of you making these. Your creations are pretty amazing! :)