May 22, 2009

A breather. A Turning point at pause. A step forward with each new breath taken.

Time for a short mental reflection.

It's only been 2 full weeks; and yes! the shop is off to a great start.
The response for our cakes and cookies have been very encouraging as well!
I can't thank my fellow bloggers and friends who have written such nice things about Delectable and our yummy desserts!
Well no doubt; in my line of work there will always be moments where people decide to have a go at my confidence or credibility, and being the idiot that I am; I would spend the next 2 hours questioning myself. *slaps forehead* I need to stop worrying; it's holding me back.

Remember the ol comparison of 'theory and application'?
Where I am now is a classic example of where it's gone all wrong.

Sleeping 3 hours a day; leaving behind all this things I've loved and forgetting to take pride in my creations... all of that I had NOT intended; ... but it's where my stubborn self has led me.
I've forgotten how to smile; and that creates less room everyday for inspiration and passion in my heart. But THAT is what I treasure most about my silly self; and that is what Delectable has been built on.
I can't exactly put my finger on the moment I made a decisive note to myself that: THIS has GOT to change. This; meaning how my life is now evolving from a fun enjoyable one to a stressful and unforgiving experience; as well as how my goals and dreams for my Delectable will not be achievable at this rate and sequence.
I've strayed from 'plan A; B; C to D E F..and finally to Plan "Taking-it-as-it-comes"! I've got to get my head straight; pull my $*&! together and continue down the right path.
I can't help to admit that I had been distracted from loads of cakes to do; daily shelf items at the store and basically trying to be everyone and everything I felt Delectable needed. I know better than to run myself into the wall like this; and it's about time I acted so.
I'm burnt out; I wont deny... I brought it upon myself without much thought or intention; but there's no use in whining about it. I'm just glad it had only been a week before I snapped out of it.
It might have been the couple of beers with my cousins or the big laughs falling over spins at my attempts to salsa, maybe it was that quiet glass of wine I snuck from the chiller or my quick power nap I rewarded myself with this afternoon. I can't tell what it was. Maybe it was all of it. Maybe it was that comforting smile from Nicole, a big hug from Alan or that hilariously nasty dance from my 'Rico' in the middle of my shop! Haha Whatever it was; after a fun night spent skipping about my Delectable store; I'm all hyped up again to take on new challenges. I'm not tired anymore. I know what I want. I'm stubborn like that *wink* :P

Su's found her "Mojo" back guys!
It's not like I've lost it completely; it just got a little dim from those thousands of cupcakes I had to bake for hungry cake lovers in the Mall! hehe
I promise; the blogging will return, I will be seen out dancing, I will be playing badminton regularly, I will eat 3 meals a day, I will put make up on, and I will wear shoes to match! I WANT to feel alive again! YAY!
Once again; I've seen the light. Only by experience will you ever learn the importance of balance and how it can affect every aspect and outlook on your life.

No doubt; at this point, our retail outlet looks great; functions systematically, is fun, delicious, inspiring and uplifting.
However, give me a little more time; I'm ready to take it to another level. Not only will it be all it is now, Delectable will be impeccable, consistent, professional and a reflection of Su's passion for her creations!


Beks said...

As I have said before - you're... WOW! I wish you the bestest of luck and fun!!
The pictures of your new store are absolutely stunning.


Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Great job on the store and I am so glad you are recovering! Keep up the amazing cake work.

Can you tell me where you get those cupcake papers from this post? I really like them!

Catz Curiosity said...

I wish you all the BEST! May you always find joy in everything that you do. Love the shop and the cakes.

My first visit to your shop was lovely. It was unfortunately spoiled by 2 "guests" who i feel killed the cheeriness of the place.

Keep up the good work!

Family First said...

Hi SU, dropped by your store on Sat. Love your cuppies but how I wish you had served coffee as well! Im sure its in the plan right?

Jacqueline said...

Hiee Su, so happy i found your lovely space! Your cakes and cookies are very cute and im in love with your creations. Your an inspiration to me. :)
Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and all the best!

Katie said...

Congrats on your store being off to a good start. I'd love to try your cupcakes - but they're too cute to eat! Ok, maybe I could convince myself to eat one...or two...or three, lol! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Su,

Bonjorno! Bella! Mervin from Dolce. Take it easy... I know it's so exciting to start ur own and see your 'baby' grow... been there, still doing that.. hehehe... just take time to relax and sit back, watch the magic unfold... You never know, you may suddenly have a 'eureka' moment again... and again...

I hope to drop by and buy more cupcakes... and I'll remind myself to bring some praline samples for you... =D

Take care Su..


LifeBloom said...

Su - sometimes - these out-of -touch moments are inevitable to let us re-focus on the important stuff!

Your store is FIERCE!!Its one of the most stylish and beautiful stores - you have put that degree in construction to its most optimal use dear!!

CONGRATULATIONS and hope to see you at the launch!

FAD MOM said...

hi Su, love your blog and i hope to visit your store if i happen to be in the country.

i know you tried very hard since it is your first business, but like all other business, don't stretch yourself too thin. i was in business once and it was just to tiring at the end of the day after taking care of operations and back of the house.

i think you can do it, work smart, happy and don't take more than you can do, unless you are able to delegate. that is the success of business too. let money work for you and the world will smile and you can go dancing and accept Specialist orders.

meanwhile, have a great week and take a minute to smell the roses, okie?

boo_licious said...

Take one step at a time I reckon! Burning out is not good at all. Done that before and its not a pretty sight. Must revisit the shop soon, seems you have new stuff, yums!

Asianmommy said...

Oh--I love your beautiful creations! Congrats on your success.

Anonymous said...

hi su, congratulations on you having a shop now! been reading your cooking classes adventures for a while... and it just warms my heart that you are here now after all that. congratulations again! and wish you all the best.

Domestic Chickee said...

Love your blog and congratulations on your new shop opening! I would definitely make a visit to your shop the next trip I'm back in KL ;)

Ichi said...

wah!! my gurl Suyin!!
i'm impressed!! u became what u always wanted to be.
i'm hapi for u of luck n may u "sukses sokmo!"

The Goenners said...

Su Bee! You can do it! I have faith enough for the both of us! Everything looks amazing. Oh and you are without a doubt the most stubborn person I have ever met; so you remember to take some friggin' time for yourself to chill. Perhaps a small vacation to Orlando for a delicious dinner at the Ravenous Pig!
Love you, Su Bee!

Nikki Goenner

P.S. You are going to be an aunt again!

[N]icko said...

hey , your cakes looks nice .
I LOVE THE mahjong one the most .
cause i'm a mahjong person .
may i ask where is your shop at ?
great job girl , I love it .

J2Kfm said...

i'm dying to see what Delectable's offering, really.
the time I went it was in the midst of renovation works.

i'm from Ipoh myself.

I'm MammaViv ... said...

Hi Suyin,
Been following your blog since your days in Australia and loving it.

It's good to see someone follow their dreams and do exactly where their passion lies. Many of us make practical decisions in life which has nothing to do with passion or dreams. Sad but true.

So on this note, I wish you the best of luck and CONGRATULATIONS on the opening of Delectable.


Anonymous said...

You are one talented lady!! I found the link to your site on someone else's blog and I'm glad I did :D You have a wonderful gift not just for caking but for writing. Keep up the amazing work!!
Love, SeriousCakes from youtube

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

OH guys! Thanks so much for always being here for me :)
It's means heaps to know I have friends from all over the world!!
*Jumps about with hugs for everyone*
I've been smelling the roses lately! Loving every moment of owning a business! :) It's hard work; but being able to be creative with what I do makes it all worth while!

There will be lots more done to the shop; and yes, coffee indeed eventually :) haha

peIshi said...

2day i c d newspaper say bout ur shop..its nice!!i wil go ur shop n buy it..d cakes is reali beautiful n special!!!especially is chocolate七宗罪...wiSh u aLL d best!!gambateh..