March 30, 2009

Hanging out with the Artsy crowd.

I made a spontaneous decision to participate in this years KL design week about a month ago;
I still can't decide if it was a good call or not. I suppose such a last minute attempt at contribution never exactly proves fruitful. I hadn't done my research in advance and jumped straight into deciding how 'Delectable by Su' would be a part of it.
We live and learn I've been telling myself all weekend; I guess that's what the rest of us there at the secret event have been saying to ourselves all through our low traffic long hours as well. It's funny; all the vendors were incredibly disappointed; but we had made the best of our effort spent preparing for our tent exhibits. Designers, artists, inventors, musicians and cartoonists all gathered in our miserable hole in the wall they named our 'venue'. *laughs*The initial hours of sweat and dust filled fury had left the girls and I a little frustrated. We fixed up our quaint Delectable garden filled with delicious things for sale and clothes lines pegged with images of my delectable creations. It was incredibly satisfying to watch our ideas materialize. I remember sitting in the tent with my girls; brainstorming and getting excited about our crazy tent decorating ideas! Haha It was hilarious! So much fun.All the other participants were incredibly creative with their given canvases too!We knew it would be an insane idea attempting to paint up the entire tent in just 3 days; so we basically went nuts with couple of spray colours and stencils. I officially am scared shit of cutting stencils; it hurts like a $%*!$(... >.< What are we having at the tent?
Adorable garden themed cupcakes and delicious sugar cookies are for sale.
Our new line of Delectable clothing and bags will be available too! Besides; we do give out occasional free stuff; in support of the environment and in an attempt to promote Delectable by Su. Such as? Hmm.. bow clips, seed packets, hugs? smiles? *laughs* Just come by for a visit! The girls and I love having people to chat with!
It's funny how many on lookers came by to ask us if it was really edible!? Haha they couldn't believe the cute little birds and sculpted cakes images were actually food!
It's at Capsquare; Off Jalan Ampang in the City (KL). Close to the Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang junction. From 10am-10pm (** Note: The girls and I will not be exhibiting on the 4/4/09 this saturday! we were there this afternoon - Friday and have sold out past lunch)

There are really cool exhibits inside the building and very interesting bits of art in every corner of the mall; I just wish more people knew about it. Last weekend on Saturday; Earth hour in the evening generated a big crowd during the marathon walk. Unfortunately after all that excitement, the buzz at our secret tents died together with Malaysia's lights at 8.30pm. I hope you remembered to shut your lights out for an hour too!
I wished my blog a happy third birthday and we began to pack up to leave for the night. As we ate our sandwich dinners in darkness lit with candles; I thanked my 2 darlings for working with me through to wee hours in the morning the night before. We hadn't made much money from our sales; but we did manage to sell all our fresh fare by afternoon on Sunday. I'm making some more for this Friday; but till then... I'm going to take time off to write my articles and reorganize my plans for the next month. I usually do this during my weekend drives and badminton sessions; unfortunately I'm backed up on all that finicky detail up to today.
We hadn't found a moment to take a breather since last Friday and were terribly exhausted when the girls came in to work this morning. Hehe well; Boss has fallen sick; so it would have been the perfect opportunity to give everyone a rest too. I'd stick to paperwork while they're away.

To those who have submitted their mugshots and hadn't received a voucher in the mail; I SINCERELY apologize! Haha I'm working on them at the moment!
Don't worry about printing out the silly pdf; everyone who sent in photographs are entitled to RM20! Just come by and show yourself! Lots of free stuff for you to redeem.

*Oh; who's seen Su on the NST newspaper yesterday? Haha I've been getting calls from everyone since.*blush blush* How cool was that! I'm going to frame it up for my bedroom! *giggle*
I'm so grateful for all the media support I've been getting. It really has helped Delectable by Su introduce itself to Malaysia these couple of months.

**I CAN't BELIEVE IT! I've exceeded my Upload limit?!?! WTH blogspot! When in the world was there a freaking limit! *shocked* ... thats news to me.
*hmph* I had some awesome photographs of KLDW to share. *tear*
ahh well; will work on resizing photos next time.


irisccy said...

hi su! just wondering if your tent will be open this saturday? i gotta have those pwetty cupcakes!!! >.<

Anonymous said...

Su how could anyone be disappointed in your work. Even your "worst" is most people's best. :)

adli said...

hehe.. went to your tent last Sunday but you weren't there :( but the girls were really nice :) finally Im able to sample your works *yeay* and the chocolate cupcake was delicious! well, I'm looking forward for your grand opening in May. cheers~

the_young_dude said...

huh! There's a limit! How knew?

Poorni Pillai said...

Wow, those earth cupcakes are so cute- the detail of the continents and always, your attention to details really makes it all so wonderful Su!

KatieBug said...

SU YIN!!! It looks like you are performing wonderfully!! Way to go, Lady! Nashville Tennessee is where I am ... and it's positively fabulous. I wish you the best, and the thought of seeing you again is very exciting. :)

LOVE!!! - Katie Dear :)

Lydia said...

aww Su, wish I could be there! the cupcakes look amazing! and you've got a line of clothing and bags now too? impressive!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I am so happy for you, Su! I've been reading this blog of yours since last year and I really love your creations! Can't wait for the opening of Delectable in The Gardens. I'll definitely pop by to get a cupcake when I go back to Msia for a holiday. Oh, that's cox I'm in Melb for my studies, just in case u're wondering. Once again, CONGRATS! Wheeee!

aPriL said...

Oh ya Su-Yin, Marion Caunter say hi and actually wanted to thank you for her bday cake but she was too busy to go over to find u.. so, she call me to pass this msg! =D

The Cooking Ninja said...

Bravo! Bon courage!

Love your biz name - really cool!

Went to your website and i simply love it. btw: i like yr name card very much.

Unknown said...

oh, they are so cute. It's reluctant to eat the cupcakes.

Deepak Bista, Adelaide said...

I went through your pages and it looks very interesting but will have to come back again read it properly.

Moon said...

Hey, the cupcakes looking very cute and delicious!
Wish i could get one ^^

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

iris: oh no! we weren't there; i hope you hadn't gone about looking for us; We sold out by Friday and didn't return :(

anonymous: haha i was talking about the people from the tents; the vendors :P; but thank you for the compliment *blush blush*

adli: awww... u should have waited for me to get back! haha get the girls to halt me! :P

young dude: yea.. it sucks! :(

mia: thanks mia; always so nice to hear from you. hehe you're always sweet :)

katie: hey babe!! facebook me!

lydia: yeap! it's pretty exciting! I will have an online store up soon as well!

michelle: hi ya! haha it's all too overwhelming at this point; but im sure its all going to be worth it. Come by!! don't forget to say hello :)

april: oh wow! haha i'll tell her thanks.

cooking ninja: hehe i can't believe you've just seen it! it's been there for ages LOL. thanks for the compliments btw. :)

geneva: but it's yummy! you must! hehe

deepak: thanks! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

cc: You'll soon be able to when the shop opens next month! YAY!

Jazz said...

i love looking at ur arts.. hehe.. i actually went to your tent.. but could buy anything.. no money!!