February 23, 2009

Whats the deal with reality TV shows.

I can't remember how it all began.
What gave us this idea that it would be cool to watch reality on TV?! Don't we get enough reality from living? *laughs*
Was it Big brother? Survivor? The Truman Show? Haha I don't watch enough TV to recall how reality TV shows have now suddenly became the next biggest trend in television entertainment.

Love it or hate it.. fact is; it's here to stay.
I suppose people love having dramas and eccentric personalities on TV to watch as an escape from their personal douses of daily reality. Characters make silly decisions, shoot off garbage from their mouths and occasionally place beautiful girls strategically on TV .... suddenly; Hey! It's makes a great show! *laughs*
Of course; i was only speaking about the majority of Reality TV sequels. There are a fair number I can't get enough of.
More of them in the US; where they spoke about informative and inspiring topics.
But I guess in terms of what we get here; it'll have to be The Amazing race!! The amazing race Asia would have to be my favourite! *shrug* allows me to relate much better in terms of the tactics and the habits of contestants. I wish I could be on it one day. Wow... it would be the ultimate challenge. I would worry about making a fool out of myself trying to control my competitiveness though!
Ahh.. I know this should be a cooking+creative+inspiring+cake blog; but *shrug* I was in the mood to talk about something a little different. Just curious to see how everyone would respond to my random act of spontaneity.
Would you watch me be silly on TV?
Do you know anyone who can get me on The Amazing Race Asia? :P
You would like Su to stop rambling and have pictures of nice cakes up instead?
ahh.. okay.

Bunnies at the dentist filled with sunflowers?!haha .... don't bother trying to understand it; haha special request from a very important client. It's a private message for the birthday girl I suppose. *shrug* I thought they came out pretty cute. I like bunnies. :D


ashieBee said...

ahahaha soooo cute, the replica of the teeth. just like one of those dentures i've made for my patient ;))

nwy hello! hope u're doing great! make sure u get enough rest in-between your workloads. takecare ok


Sippity Sup said...

e I read the more I realize what an artist you really are...GREG

Anonymous said...

Nice change of pace Su! It's nice to see the other side of an internet celebrity's life ;) sometimes when reading food blogs... I find myself enjoying the context, reasoning, or thought process behind the creation more so than the result/recipe :)

V.Streit said...

so cute :)

Lilia said...

It's meaning your smile (teeth) light my (bunny) day like a sunflower?

Anonymous said...

I wanna see you on Reality TV. That will be great. So ramble on Su on your dreams being on the Amazing Race. But hey! I thought your life is an amazing race already? No? :D

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, nice to follow, great work. I have to admit it's also nice to follow because of the cringe factor, e.g. your portrait pics are a little faked though- get some more 'spontaneous' ones perhaps? comment publication not necessary!

Eve said...

Ahhh! Those are so cute!

michelleho said...

Hi there! Lurve your work!
Just a Q. I dun get the 3rd pic. What was it suppose to be? :P

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she's going to the dentist for surgery and they need to make her feel better... with cupcakes.


They are very cute anyway! :D

Alina Hew said...

Hi Su, great work!

kit yan said...

the 3rd pic was a bunny squeezing toothpaste on a toothbrush :D
those cupcakes were mine :D from a very special friend.
really really loved it! and was so reluctant to finally having to bite those bunny heads off :D loved how you even made a bunny dentist doing teeth charting in the 4th pic :D
the work you do is simply exquisite!
would you mind if i used these pictures?

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hey everyone! haha I think i ramble off too much sometimes. I hope no one minds how my blog has become a bit of a 'whine' spot since ive become so busy.

Greg: haha i don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not? >.<

dadada: intternet celebrity?! haha RIdiculous! I so am not; *blush* ive never heard that term being used on me :P

lilia: *shrug* good guess! haha

DJ: true that! haha

anonymous: I publish all comments. I appreciate them all. Thanks for your point of view. I'll try to be more natural in my next couple of baking escapades.

michelleho: Bunny on toothpaste onto a toothbrush! hehe

kit yan: yeap! go ahead! I'm so happy you liked them; thats all that really counts <3!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute~!! And really love yr blog~! : D (from a person that appreciate food .. but isnt good at making them :P )

himawari said...

i personally love sunflower and these looks super lovely.

Anonymous said...

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