February 20, 2009

An inspiring week.

I'm plopped down on my bed; under warm sheets. Not my regular sheets but those a far 2 hour drive away from my place of work. I'm home, in Ipoh; a quaint city (YES we are a city despite our meager 700,000+ inhabitants) with fresh air, lush green hilltops and limestone slopes creating a beautiful valley.
It's real nice to be in Ipoh. I try to when I find a moment. It's worth fighting the dreaded traffic on Friday evenings out of KL city to make my way out onto the highway. It's my escape.
And this week; I feel I deserve one last deep breath before the large push anticipated in months to come.
I don't think I've mentioned; but some who have been making attempts at contacting us have probably been introduced to Mal and Eli. They are my two new pairs of hands! It's working great up to this point and I feel we are making quick progress in terms of my intentions for growth. It was just last Friday that they had came in for a short session of pre-introduction to Delectable. I'm just so happy that we create a fun little working environment for the three of us. Lots of laughter, lots of sillyness, a little bit of confusion and lots of productiveness.
I myself have not gotten into the full swing of things when it comes to having two new individuals to delegate my work to. Haha I pretty much exhaust them with tasks before the clock strikes 5pm... and to think I had to do it all on my own since Em had decided to move on in January.Just within a week; I feel much more prepared to shoot forward with my business plans. So many ideas! SO many cool new concepts! They have all made their way onto our walls...calendars have been put up and time lines have been set for achievable goals. I'm READY! Let's make Delectable happen! I'm so hyped it's ridiculous! haha
Meeting a sweet and charming young lady; Mable this morning is probably another reason why I've been injected with loads of enthusiasm. She had invited me for a short interview (which eventually ended up to be a long one - I can talk for days about cake! haha). I befriended her along the way and prodded through her shy persona; only to find amazing talent and passion for what she did. She was inspiring. She too had found her calling.

I've been so lucky this week. I've meet a number of kind individuals who have opened doors to new opportunities for me.
Yes, it was such an uplifting week. I couldn't help but feed off this energy I have at the moment. I know it's the weekend; but I just had to! I brought my work back home with me. I begin at 8am tomorrow. *laughs* I'm so ridiculously addicted to my job! I'm hopeless.


Jennywenny said...

Yay! Good luck, and as always, dont work too hard!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you Su! I envy you because you are finally making things happen for you and Delectable. I'm wishing to make it happen on my own too but I guess time is just ticking tooooo fast.

All the best and enjoy your weekend in Ipoh. Yup, great Ipoh Hor Fun that I loved =)

Lilia said...

Wow, lovely cookies. I couldn't find cookies with that lovely icing colour in Sydney. Sad to hear Em moved on, I hope you will find lots of skilled teamwork and keep growing up your business.

Anonymous said...

Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. It gives me hopes that work can be enjoyable :-)

Sippity Sup said...

I am adding you to my "Friends Of SippitySup" blog roll, because I enjoy reading you so much. This way I will remember to come here more often.

Sihan said...

congratulations on taking the jump! the business card looks gorgeous by the way.

and thanks for your very inspirational tale. Perhaps I'll learn something along my very own journey. Smile on.

Cupcake Lovers said...

Good luck to you! You're my inspiration. I love all your lovely

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys! I've been so busy this week. WEdding cakes and scuh! FUN!! hehe
I'm kinda loving it at this point. Nerve wrecking! haha
thanks for all that support.

thanks sippity sup :) very cool of you. hehe

Sihan: you are too sweet! *hugs*

oo! cupcakes! haha