January 4, 2009

GONG xi FA Chai!!!

YAY!! Chinese New Year is creeping up on us so very quickly!!!
*phew* Christmas is barely over! haha It wasn't easy changing the festive moods between celebrations so quickly. I found it terribly difficult getting in touch with my 'Gong xi fa cai' while christmas carol's were still ringing in my head! *giggle* Well, fret not.. all is well! and

I have Delectable Lunar New Year Specials!!!
So sorry Indonesia and Singapore. Shipping logistics and transport is going to need a little more time than 3 weeks to organize. NExt year! I promise :)
The closing date for placing orders is the 14th of January 2009.

Call me or Write me! *CLICK* for more info



Anonymous said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai from USA! Have fun, lovely cupcakes ;)

Eve said...

KEE THOSE CAKES ARE SO CUTE! The lions always scare me but you made them so adorable :3.

Angiekyl said...

Cute and look tasty, yummy. Gong Xi Fa Chai

Breadpitt said...

your cup cakes......o gosh , its so lovely ,the cow are so cute....really envy ur gum paste skill,its damnnnnn cute

Anonymous said...

You must! You must open a cake boutique in the future!!!

Frustrated Foodist said...

hi! i've been stalking your foodblog for the longest time and since it is a enw year, i might as well start commenting haha :)

i'm so in love with your works and even though i dont know you, i feel so proud with what you've accomplished LOL you were only a student in australia then you went to florida and now you're taking orders from famous people!

anyway, just wanted to say that i'm a big fan and hope that you'll be successful in this field! :) and advance xin nian kuai le to u and ur family (shoutout from the philippines!) <3

Anonymous said...

awww...your CNY cookies are as adorable as always!

ViNi said...

Happy New Year ol' friend :)

Anonymous said...

Gong Hei Fat choi!! San Nin Fat Dai Choi! :)
You have a nice blog and nice photo shot lea, can I know what camera you're using? :)

Do you mind if we do a link exchange ya? Drop me a msg in my food blog ok? thank you! :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys! I've been so busy makign these that i hadnt found time to blog or chat with everyone :( SO sorry..
CNy is coming up! hope everyone has an awesome time. Doesnt matter if youre not chinese.. it's time to PARTY!! hehe

fustrated foodist: Awww.. youre too sweet! hehe HUgs*!

Malaysian Food Blog: I use a nikond60 :)