September 14, 2008

Put a shirt on.

Playing dress up with cupcakes are fun!
Remember those paper cut out dolls we would have different pieces of clothing for? You could draw your own clothing or cut them out from printed pages. They would have tiny bits of paper on the corners of the accessories to attach on the body. Ahhh fun Fun!Making these transported me back to the good ol days where toys were few and unsophisticated. The children these days need a fair IQ to figure out how to play with electronic gadgetry and 'learning' toys which speak or respond. Back then; throw me a huge piece of paper, some pillows or a cardboard box and I'll jump to making a giant play fort for sis and I! *laughs*
I suppose this is why the younger generation are growing up much quicker than we all did. They become more adult, more analytical and more observant as children. Kills the innocence no? Haha having a cunning kid with a bag full of 'why' questions and personal opinions can really be a pain in the rear end. I'm not quite all for that unnecessary worry..... or maybe I would after I've migrated to a village where my kids will be exposed to nothing but me..and ..cake? haha
It's funny how I began with shirts and cupcakes; rambled on and found myself thinking of bearing children. *laughs* I'm in the mood for chit chat today I suppose.

I had a bevy of beautiful cakes for Shirley (winter scene-cute animals-etc), and these were a separate batch done for her boyfriend and his colleagues at a bank he worked at. Apparently the boys loved em'! They appreciated how Em and I did them in coconut buttercream too.... I'm not sure if they realized what it was that they were actually biting into; but Shirley did mention them raving about the 'fragrant' cupcakes. Funny imagining a bunch of grown men at work having a little tea-party with mini cakes! *giggle*They were pretty 'man'-ly looking I suppose; I can't wait to do a girly theme for someone else! Any takers? :P
Will catch up with everyone real soon. Thanks for the emails again guys; and yes, I am taking leave me an email. Will get back to all of them when this fever or mine resides a little more.
Sunday kinda is my day off... (for now) but will be making call back for orders in the morning alright! Toodles~
Happy Mid Autumn festival everyone!


seLf rEstrained... said...

i need to know how much does this lil angels cost ? i need to book for my best friend's b'day ...

could you mail me at

Anonymous said...

oohhh..Adorable la! So cute cute one ;) *sigh*, should had ordered while you were still in Orlando. I guess, it would be next time when I am down for hols to KL next year. Great job and very well deserved Sunday break. Hope you are feeling better and would recover soon. Take care!

Poorni Pillai said...

As always, absolutely cute!!

Anonymous said...

=D WHOA! thats so pretty!!
=D nice work! ;]
btw loving the new layout!!

Anonymous said...

Su Yin,

I saw chef James on Food Network "Simpson Movie cake challenge" on Sunday, he was Tad Weliczko assistant. Things didn't work out, the cake was falling off and Tad was about to quit but chef James assured him that they can do it. James remade everything and they pulled it out. I like his spirit.

Here is the cake and the chef

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

kiran: thanks dear; its always nice to hear from ya!

miakoda: hehe im glad you like them!

w: Haha thanks sweetheart. It's nice to know my hours of coding and sketching on photoshop was worth it!

linda: Hmm.. havnt heard from Chef James in ages; I wonder what he's doing. The cake looks cool. I heard about this challenge before i left; just never had enough time to watch them all.
I need someone to record the food network cake challenges for me!! haha