September 13, 2008

Celebrating the day you were born.

Birthday's are important to most people.
Remembering birth dates of loved ones; having parties; making lovely cakes (of course); receiving gifts and all of that.Birthdays are important to me too. It used to be a great excuse to throw a party and be the center of attention... but as the years begin to catch up; I've been wishing for everyone to conveniently forget. *grin*
haha It's so silly of me I was telling me how ridiculous I was acting when he wished me happy birthday. I told him not to mention it; and that I was in mid life crisis. Haha I know. I'm ridiculous. 23 years of ain't so bad right guys?

It wasn't so much how scared I was of growing older; but more so the significance of letting the 22nd year of my life go.
It's been an amazing ...amazing year. Possibly the best I've ever experienced. Life changing; inspiring and full of memorable experiences; it was one I wished would last a lifetime. From Australia; then to America..and back; graduating from university; leaving my beloved Sydney, venturing off to pastry school; moving into a new culture; returning home to Malaysia and starting up a business. I can't believe all that happened in a 365 days!
I didn't celebrate my birthday the way I usually would have this year. Sis took me out with her friends and we had good fun singing Karaoke the night before. Receiving emails; phone calls; sms's, facebook messages; flowers(from jo) and birthday cards in the mail were probably the highlights of the day. I must make time to cross check that I've written all my thank-you's properly.
How did I spend my day?
I made cake.*laughs*
It was a cake meant to be due on Wednesday next week; but there was a bit of miscommunication drama and our schedules were messed up. The cake was actually due in less than a DAY!
I wrapped up our dinner; I whipped out my decorating tools..and there I sat.
For hours... till the sun rose; ...making a cake.

I celebrated my birthday by getting paid to do what I loved doing the most. That's not too bad at all! hehe. It gave me a chance to reflect on my teenage years and the silly lessons i've learnt from running head first into everything!
I must say though; I'm proud of where I've brought myself at this stage of my life. I do miss my friends from the past..and friends from abroad.. but you know what; as I look up at the bench across from me; there sits mom. At 4am... kneading pieces of grey fondant and rolling them out paper thin for me. She smiles back at me with her glasses dipped down to her nose bridge. I laugh. I'm loving it.


Bento Pet said...

Hey! Happy Birthday Su Yin! It's great to be at a point where you are doing what you love best! Thanks for the lovely cuppies for my Bento Party!!! Loved them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Su, keep up the fantastic work and whenever I show up to Malaysia I will come visit your shop :)

Cheers to another great year!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

yeah I feel the same way about my bday too. Like as I grow older I feel like inclined to celebrate it, because it's just like any other day.

Hope you got a bday cake of your own! (though it probably won't look as pretty as yours. :) )

Anonymous said...

Su-yin, happy birthday and may you have an even more eventful year in the coming 365 days. Start taking orders from KL and make us all thrilled.


Anonymous said...

its nice to receive flowers on ur bday too... i hope u received flowers~ ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Su Yin! Glad that your dreams are a reality, now that you love what you do. God bless you!

Hany said...

Happy birthday, Su!!! I was just reading your blog and realized that it's Sept 14th in Malaysia.... guess what? my bday is Sept 14th too... wow... we are exactly 4 yrs apart hehehe

Breadpitt said...

happy birthday SU YIN ! do understand the kind of feel of doing cake for yourself.i made 1 for my own last year too. your cup cakes looks lovely !!!!!1

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! u really have the talent in pastry and also creating those beautiful cupcakes. i love it! wish i hv ur talent to bring more smiles to my kids' face..

stakhui said...

Happy Birthday. I have been following your blog with great enthusiasm. Love your work.

I'm looking for someone to bake my wedding cake next year. Could you email me at so we could discuss further?


Anonymous said...

Hey Su ,

Happy Birthday, all of this that you have already achieved is your success and I am sure there is so much more coming your way, did you check the blog CUPCAKES TAKE THE CAKE? you featured on their blog. See if you have not yet seen. Best Of Luck girl. Enjoyyy!!!!! Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hi Su.......I am so amazed with your blog and you have been my source of inspiration. Can u advise the type of chocolate & vanilla extract u used in all your recipe and which baking store in Sydney can I get it. Can't seem to get good quality in malaysia. Will be asking some friends to get some from sydney.....Thanks a lot and happy belated birthday......

Jennyvi said...

belated happy birthday, Su! i know it's late.. :P but it's better late than never as what they would always say. :D wish you all the best in everything you do.. stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh... happy Birthday! you are a Virgo too... that explain your love for details :) and perfection!
Good luck!

Mallini said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy,happy BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO............ YOU!

SIG said...

Happy Birthday, Su-Yin. Hope all your dreams come true. :)

Selba said...

Happy Belated Birthday Su Yin!!!

Lena said...

Happy belated birthday, Su!
i'm more touched than anyone else, that you spend your birthday making my son's cake.
Wishing you happy days for the next 365 days, till the next one.

- Your 'birthday' sister.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Su for the wonderful hardly looked overnight. Believe it or not, it's all too pretty, we didn't eat any of it yet, we're still admiring.

The NYC is so real!
Joshwa swung the Spidey back and forth and and broke it before the 1st guest arrives, but refused to fix it with glue.

The moment the candles went out, you see the reason why - that's the piece he dove in for....sucking on it like a lolly :) You should really see!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Su Yin!
ur cuppies are super duper creative!From what i read, u r blessed with the support of ur family and u r doing what u luv best as a living...u r so lucky gal!
Since i'm heading to Sydney in Nov,just wondering if u can give me tips on which baking supply shop to visit...i bake for's a stress release theraphy for me..

Benny said...

happy belated birthday...:) sorry for the late wishes..:)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday su yin,
may all your bithday wishes come true!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

HI guys!! haha thanks again for leaving birthday wishes. I was hoping to celebrate it all over again considering how i missed half of it covered in cake!! haha
Ahh well; it's a sign that my 23rd year will be filled all things cake and nothing else! I'll be up to my neck with sugar!!! haha

Love you all!
Will update everyone about my business location soon~


Anonymous: there are a couple of good places closer; such as singapore. I used to get baking ingredients from business outlet stores or just the supermarkets in australia. They have fairly good stuff.

Christine+Lena: Both of you are so awesome! I'm happy joshua got the best bit of the cake! haha. THanks for everything girls!

Hazelyns: Hmm.. I'm not certain what type of baking you are intending to do; what sort of products are you looking for? Do write me an email; it's easier to give you details that way.

Lily Rose said...

hai! happy birth day ,It's make inspiration to celebrate birthday party and motivated to give gifts to our friends! thanks lot!!!