August 18, 2008

I love Jigsaw puzzles.

My life is a huge HUGE puzzle at the moment.
Not necessarily a confusing-type puzzle; but its just a matter of putting it together... you know; spotting the same colours.. fitting the pieces which match ...
I'm anticipating a masterpiece! *giggle*

The past month or so; a couple important pieces of my jigsaw went missing!
...Scrambled everywhere in vain... all hope was almost lost. ALMOST...but not completely~ *grin*
You eventually learn to pick up the scraps of whats left and I guess improvise your way into completing the puzzle.
As a child i remember forcing the pieces in...knowing for a fact that they actually DIDN'T belong together.. and knowing that they would be missing in a different section of the picture eventually! haha I don't think I cared.. I just wanted them to FIT! *laughs* this is the silly girl my school friends probably would remember when they thought of me. I'm not so much as stubborn anymore..but I guess the strong minded gremlin in me still resides within.

I will get this done!
It's a ton of effort!
A ton of fondant...
TONS of sugar...
TONS of working hours...
tons of money invested...

But this "Designer Cake Gallery " by Su will be done.

With the orders beginning to pile up in the next couple of's been so difficult to coordinate myself with leaving for errands and concentrating on the decorating...baking..and everything else.
I do appreciate the order inquiries from blog readers and friends; however darlings...please do give me at least 3 weeks notice before hand. I want to do a good job you know :). The value of artistic cake-stry is in the thought process given to every detail on your beautiful edible display. It has to be unique and mindblowing.... it has to say: SWEETNESS! *grin*

**i'll be posting more cakes up soon. Have been baking and decorating; the whole picture taking deal is just getting difficult lense-less. *sob*
Dad loaned me his camera while my hospitalized baby gets fixed this weekend. That would mean photographs once again! WEeee~


Anonymous said...

sincerely wish you good luck. =) Your enthusiasm is really encouraging.

I'm in adelaide right not btw, studying overseas is just so much fun and I can see from your past entries that u had lots of good times as well. =)

Mallini said...

If you consider expanding the empire to KL... do let me know!!

agent orange said...

great to see you back on your feet. which part of MY are you actually in? if its not to far from the JB/SG borders, i would love to send you some cake orders! ha!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

bubbles: hi hi! EMBRACE IT! ahhh the best time of my life. I will never forget my 4 years in sydney. it was pure bliss

abuela: Hello; I'm actually based in KL darling :) Do write me an email for any requests or inquiries. Will get back to you as soon as I can.

agent orange: Yes!! haha always ncie to hear from ya :)
I'm based in KL; but a couple of singaporean blog readers havn't been shy about putting in their orders too! Do send me an email dear.