August 22, 2008

Getting it together....

....popping out the cakes!

Em and I have been covered in sweetness the past couple of days. My hands still somehow smell like cake after many attempts at cleaning them!...
I guess this is it; I'm cake-d for life, ill never wash my hands clean of this career of mine. *giggle*

I've been on the job daily from each morning to the next. If it wasn't cake; it was a design; or a person to contact; or something to collect, order, deliver... ahhh... fun work. FUN Fun~
I can't complain; I don't know many out there who simply love waking up to their job; and who worry about missing their job as they fall asleep. I've been trying to make time out of my little make shift office I've built in one of mom's free rooms. It used to be my bedroom when I was.... 16?We've been using the room as workspace and storage for now....till we find somewhere more suitable ...and affordable i suppose.

This weekend We had 4 orders to deliver....not forgetting a little something special I stacked in the middle of the week for a special occasion; which shall remain anonymous till ... .... till the recipient decides to allow me to speak about it to the world i suppose. *hehe*
This tiny little baby cake stood up less than 1/2 a meter tall in 3 stacks and a tiny spiral twirl over the top lined with pink and pearl beading.I lustered the ribbons with a sheer green and lined 3 bows onto the center of each tier to create a lengthening effect. The petite and stout cake stack needed a little help looking more elegant.
I was silly enough to think a tiny cake like that should not need much support through the centers or beneath each layer. I didn't expect it to be very heavy at all.... wrong was I. Within a couple of hours after my miniature work of art had been completed; it began to sag... Sagging is the biggest no-no in the world of cake decorating, Well unless sagging swags are part of your design; but ribbons aren't suppose to sag!!! I guess the weight from the bows dragged it down and the humidity in the morning didn't help either. Should never try to complete a cake in less than one morning. I figured a little tiny cake couldn't hurt me... and boy did I have to learn the lesson the hard way.
Note to self: 1. Always allow drying time.
2. Ambitions must equal realism
I don't care if it rains... I like rain.(small amounts) It cools us down and cleans the atmosphere.
I detest it when I'm decorating... ahh humidity; my enemy.
"to-buy" list: Dehumidifier
Note: find a portable one I can attach to my head! Dehumidify ALL THE moisture around me!
*grin* I'm not being serious..I'd be dried up like a prune if so!
I just had many drama's from the same problem all week. I'll leave that story for another day. Shan't bore everyone with the drama's of my cake life for too long.

Speaking about drama's...look who's replaced my copper aid baby so very quickly. *Heee* Su went shopping!!
My brand new 20 quart; kicks my tiny 6 quart right in it's sweet little beautiful butt!


Khaizarien said...

i want u 2 make my wedding cake...can u???hahaha dun worry not dis yer..about 5 years from now...hahaha-khaizarin-

Anonymous said...

LOL! Bravo, great job with the renewed enthusiasm and courageous shopping for the new quart! I know, a lot of us would agree with you on the issue of "humidity" in the M'sian climate. Just to inform u, i don't know if you heard about the stormy weather here in Florida. It's been raining for many days now. Hah! Endless! There are floods in some neighboring counties/areas. Anyways, shan't bore you further. Good luck in your new endeavor, keep in touch and take care! I can't wait to be back on hols and try one of your master pieces *winks*!

dl1069 said...

Hi Su

Have also been interested in getting a Kitchen Aid. May I ask where did you get yrs from?


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for like ages now, but this is my 1st time leaving you a comment! :)

Congratuations on your study and your bussiness!! You've done a lot for someone your age!! I'm so jealous buit also really happy for you. :)

Anywho, keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su! I'm happy for you that you have got your groove back, don't work too hard- regulate yourself and you will be amazed by how some rest helps get you focused and re-energized! Anyway, it's really great you are back on track! Keep it up and I love your blogposts!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Gorgeous little cake! The mixer is catching my eye too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,

Love your 20quart cake mixer. Can I know what brand is it. You are so creative and talented.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

atie: haha :) whenever youre ready babe

Kiran: heyhey! Thanks for writing me back! I've heard about the storms; been keeping in touch wiht bakeme acake to make sure everyone is alright. Do take care. :) always nice to hear from ya

dl: hey diane; i got mine online in the US

Nat: hiya! *hugs* thanks that means alot! You'll have your chance; i'm not quite there yet; but you're welcomed to race me there!!! hehe

soulchocolate: YO! haha thanks for the words of advice. I've been trying to rest...and refocus; but im just too damn excited!!! haha it's a pile of energizer batteries all running at the same time! hehe

my sweet$amp: the 20quart is SWEET! hehe get one tooo@!!! I'm turning everyone commercial ;) hehe

Anonymous: hiya; i'm not certain...but i know it's from China. Hahahah....but what isn't these days! *grin* I bought it from a friend of my mom's I think it's from the brand; Sakura if im not mistaken. There are several commercial kitchen gear shops out there. there's Always a chance to shop around.

Anonymous said...

this is unrelated to this post but i was hoping you could give me a good recipe for royal icing... it's the icing that is super shiny and goes hard, right?

only if you have the time. thanks

fiona said...

You make me want to buy one too. Btw, how much does yr new 20 quart toy cost? Looks solid. I'm sure you'll churn out many beautiful cakes. Keep up the good work!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hey leni; i'll try my best alright dear.

Fiona: I got mine for a little less than 2k.

Big Boys Oven said...

That is huge mixer you got there! cool!
Have been reading your blog since last year, congratulations!