August 2, 2008

Funny how it all worked out.

A little more than a decade ago; I aspired to be a flight attendant - because the girls looked so glamorous.
I wanted to be a fire 'wo'man- because sliding down the emergency pole looked like fun.
A teacher; because torturing kids with homework was the one way of payback!
I must have changed ambitions every 2 weeks!
Fortunately; my days of careless dreaming didn't follow me through puberty. I eventually put the pieces together and realized the world isn't about dreams without action. With my parents as support and elder sister as inspiration; I gained focus in my natural abilities.
Soon enough; I had decided.
Su will be an architect!!
She will design amazing buildings! and make fun houses! *Jumps around* Haha.
That genius idea went out the window when I discovered how well I was with counting numbers...dollar numbers to be specific. *grin*
An accountant? you ask...
Even better than that... Su was going to be an Entrepreneur!
At 15; the word entrepreneur sounded like a fancy word I would love to have as a career title. To be honest I only had a vague clue exactly what an entrepreneur did at work everyday.....
Looking it up in a dictionary didn't help much either.
A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.

... that would mean... I wouldl need a business venture to be an entrepreneur.
What was it? At that point I had no clue; but I was determined I would know what it was when it came along.
5 years later; unexpectedly, that venture knocked on my frontdoor!
...Alerting me of opportunities and success!

I swung my door wide open to welcome it!
There at my doorstep...stood a cake.
A huge huge cake!
The cake said to me..
"I'm IT! I'm your venture!"
I was glad to see it in all its delicious glory.
"Well come on in and let me decorate you!" I chirped back enthusiastically.

Since then; things have been working themselves out in lightning speed. I completed my Construction Management bacholars degree in UNSW Sydney, packed for home with dreams of cake..and left home a month later for the NotterSchool of Pastry Arts in the Florida for another 6 month diploma.

How I discovered my hidden talents with the oven is still a vague assumption I had made about my living independently in Australia. I took the necessity of feeding myself a little further than I should.
My stubborn urge to prove myself artistically has also brought me straight into years of disagreement and tension between the good intentions of my parents and my need to challenge myself beyond academic knowledge.
In many instances; my stubbornness has backfired on me, but lucky enough... it finally paid off at the right time!
I look back on my very first posts made in 2006... wow.. the ignorance, the bad photography, and the clueless-ness...*tsktsk* it was both embarrassing and astounding! I came across the very first birthday cake I had put together....
It was Emily's birthday. She flew in to Sydney for work and we surprised her with a silly little white chocolate concoction! She was delighted!
It's been almost 2 years since, and she has now laid her beautiful uniform down to rest with hopes of returning home to family and friends.
What is she up to now you may wonder?
Look out for the "Su and Em" dream team guys!

She's incredibly resourceful, professional and intelligent. I'm so happy to have her on board. I'm so grateful that she has agreed to begin new adventures with me in this unforgiving industry! Details?
You want details on what exactly it is we are doing?
...need to place an order on whatever it is? *grin*

Thanks so much for the email queries guys. Truly appreciate them. I hope I've gotten back to most of them this weekend. We are currently working plans, concepts and organizing ourselves. Bare in mind guys, I've only just got back!
Still finding difficultly communicating in Chinese and Malay..
Still popping the antihistamines to stop my allergies..
and still being occasionally startled by the traffic on the right side of the road!

I've got to keep the suspense going *cheeky grin*

Check back on our updates when you can.
... you'll just have to trust that it's going to be mega~awesome!
*jumps around with excitement*


Lorie Orciga said...

you are so creative and have so much talent! i stumbled upon your blog randomly and have been hooked every since. i know that your business ventures will bring you much success and make you internationally known in no time. will you take orders from the U.S? hehe. =D its good to see that everything is starting to fall into place for you too. it always seems to happen that way when the time is right. good luck!

HandFullOfFlour said...

I'm looking at those cake dummies in SUPER anticipation :)

I've always been a silent reader and I cheered like a cheerleader when I read you were going to Notter.

Just wanted to drop a note to wish you ALL the best.. and that you inspired me .. Coz of you, I dared venture into baking my daughter's first birthday cake.. ( That was almost a year ago.. :)

Anonymous said...

kudos suyin~!

most ppl these days in this crazy busy world we live in dont have time to dream or even think about dreaming!

its inspiring to c creative individuals such as urself setting out to achieve ur dream.
it's often said "The difference between dreaming a dream and living the dream
Is a lifetime spent living the dream out..."

congratulation Su Yin.

Yoon Jo Hyeon

Jade said...

I'm also another silent reader for years and i'm so happy to hear that you are starting up your business soon... i really looking forward on that, because my baby 1st birthday is coming soon and i need a beautiful and tasty cake... :) good luck too.

pingmouse said...

oh wow can't wait to see/know what you and Em are up to.. I hope you will take orders frm KL/PJ :)

Snooky doodle said...

what can i say?? good luck. you re so talented. eager for your new ideas. :-)

Elaine said...

su, is 1 stick of butter, 125 grams?

Little Monster said...

good luck. i think u will go far!

AILEEN. said...

You don't have Australia in your reader poll :(

theadams said...

Su dearie, whatever U & EM are up to, i wish you guys all the best. Believe in yourself... all the best of luck.

fiona said...

Hi Su,

I'm also one of your silent admirers. Very often, I recommend friends to check out yr blog - to look at all yr wonderful cakes and work of arts.
Need a little advice from you - when we order a one kg cake, does it mean that the total weight is one kg?
Wishing you great success in yr business.Thanks & Best of Luck!

agent orange said...

would you take orders from singapore?

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys! thanks so much for leaving comments. Hehe.. it's just a small sneak preview for now. I'm incredible excited!
There's just so much to do now though. I've been running around in circles!
You guys are so sweet... I love this blog and everyone who is part of it.

I'm currently based in KL; but do leave me requests or make an inquiry via email. I'll defintiely get back to you as soon as I can.

elaine: 1 stick is 113.5gms :)

chloe: I'm so sorry.. I just fixed it up for ya! haha my apologies. How could I forget my fav place in the world! :)

fiona: uh huh.. that should be it!

agent orange: Sure :) hehe... I'm up for the challenge! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Su Yin!

I'm so happy for you- that your dreams are coming true! Good luck in whatever you are doing and keep me posted k? I really really miss your finger-licking good cakes...

We should meet up in Sydney whenever you visit! Just let me know :)