August 25, 2008

The Classic touch of Pink and Lace.

Just last weekend; I was given the opportunity to learn more about Malay culture and their wedding ceremonies. Fairuz and Dibah were getting engaged.
Dib had mentioned how she would like something Japanese incorporated into her "Dulang hantaran" cakes.
What's a dulang hantaran? Well I wasn't quite sure either... but after asking around a little more; I was told; they were little trays filled with presents from the brides family presented to the groom. They are usually elaborately decorated with flowers; intricate trimmings, ribbons and all of them matched the theme or colours of the wedding.

I was pretty excited to make my very first 'hantaran' cake! *grin*Her trays were lined with white lace and touched with petite pink roses around the corners. I wanted to make sure the cupcakes and miniature cake matched her decorations.

Congratulations Dib and Fai; lots of luck to both of you in your endeavors in Japan.


My Sweet & Saucy said...

Great job with the order! I love the designs you chose to use!

Anonymous said...

wow! it's an amazing creation! you have great talent gal. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

so delicate, sweet, pretty and all so elegant. I can see Su is back, stronger and better than ever.
Lynn xo

Anonymous said...

May I know how much time you take to complete this order? They are really wonderful.

Anonymous said...

This is so good.. I rarely see people really spending money on their wedding cake or so.. I hope I could have you design one for me in the future LOL~~
Again, Great job!!

sin ee

Anonymous said...

Your decor is soo puurrddyyy ^^

Anonymous said...

That's it! I'm proposing to my bf tomorrow just so that I can have cakes like that made too. :p Think you can make orders from Sarawak or Gold Coast next time? I must, must, must have one of your lovely creations in the future! Going home to good 'ol Malaysia for xmas...might even stop by when your shop is already open. :D

Dee baker said...

So pretty and delicate, you are definetly good!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, this one is sooooo pretty! those lucky people! ^^


Anonymous said...

Loving your cake decorations.. u really have the talent... i wish you could do my wedding cake in future and also for my dulang hantaran... keep up the magnificent cake creation! loving it...

All the way from brunei,

Anonymous said...

Hi Su, I stumbled onto your blogsite recently while searching for Malaysian recipes. Wow, I'm blown away. You have been so blessed with a wonderful gift of creating edible masterpieces. I hope someday you will return to the States and compete in one of Food Network's cake decorating challenges. You'll win without a doubt! All the best in your career.

Tracy Putnam
Reading, PA, USA

Anonymous said...

It's so cute Su ! You did an amazing job. The cake and cupcakes look amazing !

SoRMuiJAi said...

The detail on the cakes are absolutely amazing! So life like and delicate! plus I'm a real sucker for pink and sakuras! Absolutely fantastic job!!

Anonymous said...


keep making pretty things!!!!

eeeekkkk!!! looking at your masterpieces, they just make me smile! hehehehe

i can't wait to go back to malaysia and order from you!!! i want one for my birthday, one for my mother's bday, for my brother's engagement/wedding whenever it is, my engagement/wedding whenever it is...etc. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Oh Su, how i wish i live where u live. I remain an ardent fan of yours. You never cease to amaze me with your creations. Keep on smiling girl!!

Anonymous said...

sweet :D
is this the 1st time u made 4 hantaran for malay's wedding??
double tumbs up!! -nurul

Anonymous said...

hye su yin!!!
thanksss for the gorgeous cakes!!
everyone loves them!

nice to work with u,i wish nxt time will be the wedding cake,c ya around!

p/s btw his name is fairuuz,not faizal,heee ;D


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

oh wow... thanks everyoNE! thanks so so much; thanks dib for leaving feedback. ahhh so satisfying to know it was a sucess. I cant wait to do more hantarans haha
really appreciate the kind comments ladies.. *blush* hehe.. i try my best all the time.. its good to hear positive remarks.