August 26, 2008

Calling all architects and developers.

Su is fitting in cake-less tasks into her agenda for the next couple of days.
She wore a work shirt today. Rare occasion. She's usually in PJ's when it's time to 'work'.
Will make an attempt not too put on anything too serious tomorrow morning.

Come down to the KLCC Convention center and join us at The 25th Malaysian International Building Exposition (Malbex 2008). 25th - 29th August (10am-6pm) Friday: Closing 4pm
I have been helping sis out with goodie bag filling; name card stapling, pamphlet handing and booth manning the past 8 hours. I must say; it is fun revisiting my past knowledge gained in construction.

I've even got an orange tag that says Coordinator! I'm not exactly sure if coordinating is what I've been doing all day; but it's still fun to feel a little more important than just a photographer .*grin*Polished Concrete is a flooring system which treats floor slabs to enhance durability and resistance. The slab is polished to expose visually appealing qualities of concrete to create a sleek floor finish. The concrete is cast insitu which allows for a seamless finish with expansion joints as far as 10-12 feet apart.
The habit of creating beautiful things run in the family. *grin*The company; Polished Concrete Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian pioneer of the revolutionary HiPERFLOORtm System by Husqvarna, which is a method of creating resistant, protective and gorgeous flooring.
Want this gorgeousness on your kitchen table top? or maybe on pillars? that can be done too.

Remember to say Hi and leave us a name card!
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Did I mention how admission is free?!


Drifting Cloud said...

su yin... love your cake so much... how i wish u r in brunei... then can order from you...

I just can't design and decorate the cake like u..

so envy lah..

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

haha thanks drifting cloud :) *blush*