November 14, 2007

*dust flying everywhere!*

*SNEEZE*! Wow... I've just discovered corners of my room which I never knew existed!

I've collected so much valuable 'junk' these past 4 years. These are the moments when I look back and wished I had listened to mom when she said "DOn't buy too much! You're leaving soon; you won't have enough space in your bag!". She was oh~ so right... At this rate... I'll need at least 20 luggage bags *faints*
I'm sorting out the stuff I really want...and selling off those I don't at a garage sale this weekend. The problem is; I want EVERYTHING! I've thought of shipping stuff back in boxes, but decided maybe I'll just try to sell off as much as I can first.
So sorry to those who I had to disappoint about cake orders for the next 2 weeks. I'll be home really soon and I just want a couple of weeks to pack up, sit back; spend some time with my friends, say goodbye to Sydney without needing to rush cake orders ..etc.
Going back really is taking a toll on me emotionally. Dad and mom are worried that I'd choose to stay; but its really not the case. I would love to; Sydney was the best choice I made as a young teen. "Play" time is up now... *tear* ... I like playtime... *laughs*
*shrug* It isn't too bad~ At least I'll be doing Cakes back in Malaysia! It'll be the best job in the world!!
I watched the Justin Timberlake concert last night in Sydney. It was truly inspiring. The man is absolutely amazing! I'm not the biggest J.T fan; but I do sincerely take my hat off to him for his talents and efforts. He's doing what he loves..and he does it so well! There were at least more than 10,000 screaming girl fans at the Acer Arena last night... their voices combined was a deafening roar around the stadium...most of them were probably screaming at how 'hot' he was... I was screaming too *blush* haha I enjoyed myself..and the contributed scream from me was my sincere note of "thank you" to Justin for being such an entertaining performer. He plays the piano, the guitar, writes beautiful songs, dances so well, sings like an angel... there really aren't many performers like him out there in this day and age. I couldn't help but get excited with the whole set-up they had for the concert! A sensational live band; hot as HELL dancers and mind blowing lazer+light displays! The whole night for me was pretty much : "OMG! YAY!!" *laughs*

I know this is a far stretch in the topic...from packing, to going home.. Justin Timberlake , screaming..and now to the important pictures of CAKE! YAY for cake! *laughs* I laugh alot on my blog posts :P.. And as I'm typing them up; everytime it says "*laughs*" I'm actually chuckling a the screen... *shrug* just thought some of you might wanna know? :P
This cake was done for a real cool guy I've been so lucky to have met the past months or so. He loves music and is so very creative, imaginative and talented. He constantly comes up with cool ideas and is always wondering "what if?" which I feel is the spark of all innovation.
He was so excited and happy when Jo and I turned up to his place with the cake! I wish him A HAppy HaPPY 21st and may his cool ideas take him far.

Alright... blog post done..It's back to packing for Su... *pout* I hate dust... crap..


Anonymous said...

hey su... so wat are ur plans back in malaysia? where will u be baking? opening a shop? not following through with wat you studied? :)

Anonymous said...

hi hi. the last 2 posts are sooo cute. (yes your notes are cute too ; )...) looking forward to you coming back to this part of the world (msia/sg). you want to update where exactly you end up so that us blog readers can show our friends in the same place your blog. hopefully it will inspire them to place orders! = ) happy hols!

Anonymous said...

i wish you all the best on your post-graduation endeavours! please continue posting pictures of your cakes. it's nice to look at them when i'm taking a break from the books. (:

Anonymous said...

may I know when & where of ur garage sale? I would like to pick up some of your baking stuff.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! I saw Justin too, but in Perth :) Awesome cakes!

Aimei said...

Hi Suyin,
I'm just one of your blog reader. Congratulations to you having completed your degree! Your blog, cakes and all the stuffs you make rocks! Keep going gal! I'd love to patronise your stall should you open one in Singapore ;)

FeR said...

awww...must be really hard to part with 4 years of memories and sort. I had two big boxes shipped back from overseas even though it was only slight more than one year! I can imagine the madness - because I want to keep EVERYTHING, too! I'm a sentimental freak. *sigh*

coming back to make cakes? or dabble in it as a side/weekend job?

Anonymous said...

are you going to sell off any of your baking stuff?

Anonymous said...

wow, suyin. i can't believe you're going. i hope you'll continue to blog. i really hope to see you on tv one day with your own cooking show! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su.. I have the same questions as Ween too.. I'm in Singapore so if you've decided to bake in Msia.. I'll be so so glad.. I place orders for your master piece finally... :)

Anonymous said...

Su Yin

I chanced upon your blog and could not help but be bowled over by your talent and passion for cooking...and life! I am definitely going to try to cover all your recipes (if I can!) and will be looking out for you in Malaysia/Singapore! (you may be giving some stalwarts a run for their money)!!! Keep on doing what you are doing and remain true to your calling.

nianz said...

i'll like to know where your garage sale is too=)
email me=)


Anonymous said...

;_; *cries* What?! You're leaving?
What will Sydney be like with it's Su Yin? and her wonderful cakes?!

K.C.Q said...

Su, good luck with packing & moving, it's alway feel so sentimental when moving. But at least you will be close to you parents/family!!!
p.s always loves your creative cake!!! I wish I can make a cake (just wish a tiny little bit talent as your) for my daughter when she turn 1!

matz said...

do take loads of pictures :) Cos at least u will get a pictorial memory of the lovely place. Spend as much time as you want in places that mean loads to you... because it just might be one of the last few times you will. And when you close your door for the last time, smile bravely towards the future.. knowing that the years in Australia were beautiful memories you had. :)

xoxo, someone who miss her life in brisbane dearly :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hey guys! I'll be coming back to Malaysia and will be updating everyone on my status in terms of cake sales..etc. Hope to hear from everyone then :)

The garage sale went pretty well; sorry for not publishing my home add here; it's just a little too dodgy to have my address published on the internet.

thanks for the advice matz; It's just less than a week away for me.. sigh* it's hard leaving