November 16, 2007

B-boy Red's

yeap... the cakes are still coming... *laughs*
I've stopped taking orders recently, but the past week has been all cake and no rest for Su. I've finally ran out of most of my cake decorating ingredients and wont be buying/making anymore till I get back to Malaysia.
This cake was made for Brendon; also known as B-boy Red.. (for those who are wondering what a B-boy is; it's a breakdancer). Here's a short candid video I took of Red at their usual practice spot on Liverpool St. He does awesome headspins.

I actually really like taking candid photos and videos of Brendon..*shrug* I'm not a stalker or anything...*laughs* he's just really photogenic!
I must admit..he is a handsome looking guy; with cheeky charms to boot~. Though physically Caucasian; he spent his childhood in Indonesia, and speaks a fair bit of the native language. I find it amusing when he sometimes says words in Bahasa Indonesia with a full accent! He's a great dancer and gives amazing style to everything he does.It was his 30th birthday last weekend; I stacked a small 3 tiered birthday cake for the party. Everything on the cake was done with fondant; and the street sign was done with support of a wooden skewer. The clothes were made to match what B-boy Red usually wears to practice.

If you're wondering why "Beat St"? It's from the legendary film from the 1980's about Hiphop culture and breakdancing. All B-boys are big fans of the movie.
I thought it'd be a good idea to help fill in the gap on the left hand side of the cake. *shrug*
I'm not really into making "weird" stacked shapes; like topsy-turvys or what not.
I do appreciate a good share of innovation when it comes to stacking cakes on top of each other, but I personally feel sometimes too much ambition/creativity creates a messy and awkward cake. I guess I did alright with this one... everyone at the party was generous with compliments! ;) *grin*


Stephanie said...

So creative! I tried to play with fondant but it melts easily. Maybe is because of the hot weather in Malaysia? I make a bunny and place it on top of choco frosting (at room temperature), it melts eventually... =_= Another thing, it is very hard to buy the fondant stamp here... is it possible that you could help me to buy some before you come back to Malaysia?

K.C.Q said...

wow, super talent you have!!!

Ling's Passion said...

Bravo to another great creation. Like Stephanie, I also tried using fondant for my cake but it melt easily. What's your secret, if you don't mind sharing.

FeR said...

Hi Su,

Don't know where you get your stuff from back here in Msia but I think it's relatively easier (more choices) and cheaper to buy decorating stuff from overseas? Tried to source some things here and eventually got it cheaper when from overseas (while visiting).

But if you got it from Msia - do share on where you find a well stocked bakery store! :D

Ling's Passion said...

Hi Su, in response to FeR (hope you don't mind *grin*), she can get most of the supplies from ICCA (selling Wilton products)and it is located at Section 14, PJ. Their website is

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Haha~ I love it when my blog's a little forum :) thanks gusy for helping me with my replies. It's actually not to hard to order stuff off ebay or just other cake decorating companies online.
Fondant can be a little tricky when it comes to humid weather; i'll have to get back to you on how to work on that when I'm actually back home experiencing 'meltin' fondant on my own :P