August 2, 2007

The Simpsons Movie 2007

The most fun I've had @ the movies in ages!
I'm not a biggest fan of movies, tv shows, animated cartoons and the lot; but the Simpsons movie had me both laughing and tearing like a bashful young girl in my cushioned cinema seat.
Despite disliking the farfetched-slapstick comedy the Simpsons are famous for; I couldn't help but be entertained! I'm often convinced that I thoroughly enjoyed myself when I can clearly recall priceless moments and scenes from clips I've watched. I have an extremely short attention span when it comes to staring at screens; but not once did I think of a toilet break this time around. I suggest everyone bring a loved one to the movies while its still playing. It's a good movie to watch to allow your tired minds some rest and your hearts to be touched.

For those who have had their share of the movie...I bet this will ring a bell!
*laughs* I couldn't get it off my mind! I wanted a sip of it SOoOoO much! And OH MY GOD! Am i glad I tried it! My chocoholic housemate Amrit declared it the best hot chocolate shes drank in her life. It's my ode to Flanders.

THE FLANDERS Hot Chocolate

1/2 cup milk/dark chocolate buttons (The best quality chocolate you can find. I used my precious Callebaut)1 cup full cream milk
1 vanilla pod
1 marshmallow
1 flake bar
1/2 cup cream whipped till soft peaks form

Heat milk and vanilla pod in a large mug for 2 minutes in the microwave. Cover the top of the mug with a heavy plate and leave for 10-15 minutes while you whip the cream. Remove lid and add in chocolate buttons. Stir till chocolate is melted.
Here comes the best part *wink*

He does it with such style! *laughs* Makes me wish I had a brulee torch! I ungracefully toasted my marshmallow on the stove top *giggle*For those who don't the why it's the "Flanders"; havn't I convinced you enough to WATCH THE ()*#$- MOvIE ALREADY! *hehe*
*sings the spider pig tune~* *giggle*


Anonymous said...

hihi..i reali luv ur cakes alot..dey lk so yummilicious=D may i noe wad did u use as icing over dose cakes?r dey marzipan?hw d u act d it?reali tot of giving it a try in making it.Dey lk so wonderful=D

Anonymous said...

YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY.....wat more can i say?? All yr Cakes, Drinks, Food etc etc looks fantastic n yummy!!
Wish I can taste all of them....hehe

Luv & blessing,
Sandy.....yr Constant Secret Admirer :))

Katherine said...

man i hope i have a father who can make such good hot chocolate too...=P

Anonymous said...

The Simpsons isn't all slapstick! It's mostly satirical humour.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, that yummy hot chocolate...lots of interesting recipes on your website. Those mooncakes - such a story behind them makes them all the more interesting to try to make.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this recipe ever since i saw the movie for the first time around a year ago.. and then i found across your blog..
bookmarked! 5/5!
Gonna try it.