July 6, 2007

Cozy and warm winter warmers @ dinner

Before everyone starts to think that cakes+sweet things are all I'm interested in making; here's something different for a change.
We're in the middle of winter here in Australia; and lucky for me, I'm in sunny Sydney...where winters aren't as harsh and skies stay blue with fluffy clouds! I would consider myself spoilt when it comes to weather. A lil bit of wind and we all whinge...the sun sets a lil earlier and we pout about it! *laughs*
I often overlook the fact that I'm probably in the best winter there is out there! *grin* It shouldn't really be much to complain about.
When it gets chilly; it's nice to have something warm and toasty after a cold day out. Something stew like? with satisfying chunks of potatoes and crisp bread to dunk? Perfect!
Mom gave me this idea over the phone while dining at a cafe back in Malaysia, and since breadrolls were aplenty...and cold chilly winds are beginning to tick me off...I decided it was a good time to give these a go.
How did they taste?
Pretty darn good I must say....the messyness of it all gave it a very 'home-cooked' feel. The breadrolls soaked up the flavourful sauces at the bottom and the corners stayed stiff and crisp to keep the soup in the 'bowl'.It was real convenient to make...I pretty much emptied out leftover vegetables from the refrigerator and canned tomatoes+baked beans into the pot. It tasted even better the day after! Definitely freezer + microwave friendly.

2 sweet potatoes (kumara potatoes) chopped into small cubes
2 regular
coliban potatoes chopped into small cubes
2 onions diced rough
3 cloves garlic minced
chorizos/sausages sliced
a handful long beans chopped into 3cm lengths
1 carrot
chopped chillies (optional)
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 small can baked beans

2 1/2 cup stock ( dilute 1 stock cube into 2 1/2 cups water if fresh stock is inconvenient)
1 handful of fresh parsley roughly torn
tbsps olive oil

Heat the oil on medium flames in a big pot. Add in onions,meat and garlic. Stir fry till meat is cooked (will take 6-7 minutes). Pour in stock, tomatoes and all other hard vegetables. Stir gently till heated through. Add in parsley, baked beans and place lid onto pot; reduce heat and allow to simmer till hard vegetables are tender.

for bread 'bowls':
3-4 breadrolls
sprinkles of cheese (optional)

Slice tops off from breadrolls, dig out the centers of the breadrolls leaving a 1cm crust around the outer shell. Spray with olive oil and bake in preheated 190degrees for 5-6 minutes or till crusts begin to brown slightly.

Spoon soup into bowls and serve~

Note: To Michelle Chong; I received your email about your sons cake this evening; however there was an error with my msn inbox and I lost your address and email somewhere in between the mess. It would be great if you could just drop me another one. I hope you read this; sorry for the inconvenience...i'm such a klutz...i know ... :'(


Anonymous said...

Gosh! This is awfully similar to what i make during weekends and stuff into the fridge to eat over the week. I usually add zucchini & eggplant but havent thot to put baked beans tho. Sometimes i add chicken and bacon bones. Instead of stock i put loads of canned tomatoes so it becomes more stewish than soupy. Its also great with pasta!

And i agree, its GREAT for clearing out the fridge and freezer. = )

waiting for yummy cakes

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

WOw! WHat a great idea to throw zuchinni and eggplant in!
Hmm...bacon bones sound good too! You're terrific! Thanks for that :P