June 4, 2007

How Much is That Doggy in The Window~?

It was Sam's 3rd Birthday~
I showed up with a cake in hand..
She loves doggy's...Dalmatians in particular..
A great opportunity for me to challenge myself~
The icing on the dog bowl and puppy was made from fondant (sugar+corn syrup+water) and the cake was an almond cherry cake.

The baby girl was amused...and the kiddy's looked like they were having fun!The party was great, Sam's grandparents put together a feast!~ Mr Yen used to be a famous Chinese restaurant Chef! I was so lucky to be invited.
Exams are on this week though, and I've been REAL busy...kinda explains my style of writing today *laughs*
I'm off to Uni to get studying! Wish me luck guys!!!


Thoughts That Stick said...

Hey girl, honestly I admire your talent in making cakes like that. I love reading about your cooking experiences. It's nice to know that someone is just as obsessed with baking and cooking and exploring as I am! I've tried to document and take pictures and all of that kinda stuff..but for some reason I end up spending my time eating my productions, and then saying "oh man, my camera!!" Well done though. I've posted up a few recipes up on mine as well, stop by if you're bored!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your work with fondant and sugar paste!! I'm jealous! haha but keep it up! You inspire everyone!

Anonymous said...

hi su-yin,

i love dogs and this is amazing! how i wish you're in spore and i can watch you at work! totally amazing.

sorry dear, but can i get the name of the vanilla shortbread you're using? or is it called under other names? i popped by 3 supermarkets this weekend and came back empty handed to stare at your pictures.
i *love* strawberries!


ps do tell me which mag u'll be featured in! i wanna get the step by step photos of those recipes!

Anonymous said...

my god that's awesome!! the doggy's so cute!!! ^_^ bravo!

good luck! ^_~

Anonymous said...

Oh My God,
the cake is gorgeous.
I cant wait to see my son's cake in July. I just cant truly wait !

- rini -

ashieBee said...

oppss you did it again, suyin!!! the cake is soooo pwetty!!!! walauwei, how i wish i have the talent to decorate cake like you do!!!! well done babe :)

goodluck with the exams =D

flutterby said...

Su Yin dearest.. I've added you on my list. Not MSN tho but YM! It works so far with my other friends. Anywayyyy so what is this 'fun thing' that we're going to do? OMG am I gonna be a guest chef? HAHAHA!! Keep in touch yea sweetness?

I guess I don't have to say "great job on the cake!" Dah bosan.. asyik great je.. ARGH. GERAM!

marias23 said...

Gosh! You are so talented! Are you going to be a pro baker once you graduate? I think your products will be super popular!

Anonymous said...

All the best for your exams! been following ur blog for a while & just have to let you know that I heart all your cute cakes.

keep going! = )

Anonymous said...

Su-yin, that cake is soo cute!!! Waliaooo, Im soo impressed ok. I havent seen the TCS peeps since I left school!!! Bake me a cake ok whenever we meetlah ^_^. All the best in your exams !!! Im in the middle of exams too -sigh-
Muahmuahmuah and hugss!!

Patricia Scarpin said...

You are a true artist!
Your cakes are works of art!

Jen said...

Well done, this cake looks so cute and amazing. I think it would be hard to get faces right, so you did an excellent job.
Looks like you have been busy with all the cake-making!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful! If it is not secret, pls ask about icing more. I want to make icing for my daugther's birthday

New Kid on the Blog said...

I admire your patient and talent to make these cakes so attractive.
Wish I can learn from you.

Anonymous said...

Su Yin,
Your cakes are truly too beautiful to eat! Can you please advise how I can learn to make such beutiful cakes and icing?

magnifiQue♥ said...

hey suyin, ive been secretly admiring your edible artworks for a long time now. haha, i truly love it! you've got talent! please teach us how you make fondant. the ones i saw at the cake supplies are ready made & costs a bomb! i tried making with the help from http://fatboyrecipes.blogspot.com/2006/06/sub-plot-fondant-recipe-for-snowdrop.html but it was a failure & i hadta throw everything out :(

please feature the recipe soon!
good luck for your exams!

Bev said...

Hey suyin :)
been a while since i've commented :) didn't think i'd be adding anything esp in light of all your adoring fans *HAHA* :P

but yeah just wanted to say this cake was SOOOO cute just really blows the mind away.

Anyhoo, i hope to see you soon whether it be at the next dance party or mfest or adnd (again :P)
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Su.. Good Luck!!! and secondly congratulations on such a wonderful site and great and inspirational cake designs. Love your artistry and designs. Keep up the great work. Angie

Anonymous said...

Cute! FYI, i bookmarks ur blog n pass ur url to my friends. So, is there any cake for me? LOL :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin!!!

I'm a girl from Spain and I love your blog and your recipes.
Would you like interchange recipes??
Congratulations and good luck with the exams!!


Anonymous said...


Saludos desde Venezuela.