April 6, 2007

Su's in Melbourne~

WoooOooo...Easter break!
I'm surprised I havn't came up with anything majorly 'Easter' themed. I usually always do....any reason to celebrate with pretty 'theme-ed' food! *grin*
I guess life's responsibilities have been clogging my cooking and blogging activities. I wish food could be my first priority one day.....I wish I could make food my career.
But till then; I'll have slog through.
I'm taking a break from my weekly routine and am all set to go crazy in Melbourne with my dearest friends. Can't wait to spend the next 4 days surrounded by people I love, and having completely nothing urgent to worry about. Anyone from Melbourne wanna recommend us a place to chill?
For those who've always wondered if I make anything fairly Chinese-ey at home....answer is yes.. 'fairly' being the main word *giggle*
I made sweet and sour pork! *well....chicken; not pork...*laughs* I wish I had pork leftover in the freezer though. I was clearing out the fridge before we left tonight. I didn't have the usual capsicum I use in the sauce; and to substitute a green juicy vegetable, I threw in zucchini! *grin* I'm killing the infamous Sweet and Sour Pork recipe! Haha~

I wont type up the recipe till I have the right vegetable and type meat. Maybe next Tuesday when I'm back.
Don't miss me too much!~ *wink* heh~


Abirame said...

Hey Su-Yin, This Abi a singaporean international student in Melbourne. Love your blog! It's so cool! Anyways if you are looking for some nices place to go in Melbourne, check out lygon street. It's got many nice italian eateries (with flirtatious waiters)! And while you're at lygon also check out brunetti's chocolate cafe especially their nutella gelati.. Yum yum! Glenferrie road has also got heaps of nice eateries. If you want a place where all the Asians go.. check out Box Hill. Plenty of eateries just near the station. 'Dumpling King' restaurant has some amazing sichuan style lamb and crab.. Ok so hope you have fun while you're here!

nina said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter here. Actually I try to avoid your blog because it makes me hungy XD

Anyway, I LOVE Melbourne. My favorite places in Melboure is the bank of the Yarra river and Footscray. Oh, and I heard shopping at Bridge Road and Smith Street is a must ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello cooking enthusiast, keep up with the good work, your food looks deliciously tempting, i'd like to try them some day, only of course if you let me ;), I heard Melbourne has many great eat outs, become a good tester lol, try everything, have fun, see you in unsw ...