March 20, 2007

Making em' pretty~

I Hope these turned out as pretty as you expected them to be Jackie. *Hugs* Thanks lots for having us over for your excellent beach-side party!
I got up early on Sunday morning feeling fairly groggy from the events the night before. The weather outside was dark and gloomy; wasn't exactly the beach-type sunshine we were all hoping for. It took awhile to drag myself away from my warm cosy sheets. Things had to get done.
I promised Jackie 20-ish cupcakes and a 9inch round for her party at 2 that afternoon. I was far from ready.3 hours of stress and a face full of frosting later; I let out a sigh of relief. The girls thought they looked real pretty....and I presumed Jackie would think so too. I learnt many lessons that morning; some I'm too embarrassed too admit. * grin* I need to avoid working in a hurry. My fingers are rough and clumsy when I'm stressed out. Dainty royal icing and painting works need delicate hands.
These were Humming-bird cakes...made from banana, pineapple and a lashings of ground cinnamon. Sounds a little 'out-there' for first-timers...but I assure you; the flavours harmonize beautifully. The banana keeps the muffins moist too! Almost tops my favourite carrot-cake recipe; almost...*wink* hehee I'll post the recipe up for these soon. I have an 'Easter-y' theme for them up my sleeves. Will probably work on that during the weekend.
All that frustration paid off though; the rain clouds cleared up a little, and our good ol' sun came out for a peek just in time for the party. We carefully made our way to Coogee beach with the goodies dangerously balanced on trays. There were no mishaps~ *grin*
The girls ooOo'ed and ah'ed...I was relieved. Jackie was happy and so was I. With some help from her darling boyfriend; she had prepared an array of beautifully done finger food trays. They were all dainty and tastefully assembled. So very impressive! Definitely not your ordinary beach party with greasy sausages on the BBQ pit *laughs*Great work with the food guys! So glad I was invited. Will steal your genius idea with the "all-in Schweppes" drink *evil grin*


thecoffeesnob said...

that cake is just absolutely gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Wow...I love the cake!! It's beautiful!! How did you do the rainbow thing?
Please share the recipe, Su.

Anonymous said...

Oooh that cake is so beautiful... I love the icing on it; the colours and shading just... /at loss for words


Anonymous said...

hey Su yin!
Thanks so much for making the cake and the cupcakes to go with. and thanks heaps for coming as well. glad u had lots of fun.

Catch you around soon.


Anonymous said...

wow , the colouring is fantastic, its make me crazy,

Anonymous said...

what's in the punch? i'm curious! i saw some strawberries and mint i think...

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Thanks for the kind comments on the cake guys. Im real happy eveyrone thinks its pretty :) *does a vicotry dance*
I'll be typing up the recipe soon.
The shading of colours were done with powdered pastels. A tip from aunt pauline. *THANKs aunty Pauline! *hug Hug* I know you read my blog *grin*

hmmm the punch is made from "all the schweppes's + mint leaves+ strawberry slices"...i hope i didnt leave anything out. Lime slices maybe?