March 9, 2007

Adding colour to my cheeks...

...with colourful cookies! *giggle* I haven't been feeling my best lately; everything seems sore from all that sneezing and coughing. Med's have left my head woozy throughout the past couple of days. I've put myself on house arrest till i felt better. I miraculously(with help from antibiotics+many skipped lectures :P) woke up this morning prancing on my tippy toes~ I was still coughing buried in my morning pile of used tissues...but I had an appetite for breakfast! WOW! Haven't had one of those in AGES! *laughs* I had cravings...cravings for cookies. *grin*

After having tasteless food for more than a couple of days; the Ramen+ Miso broth I had for dinner last night probably helped me boost my bland sense of flavour. Well...that's my own theory of what happened; everything seemed to improve in taste after the bowl of strong flavoured soup. But I guess you could say that I was just recovering and feeling better; hence the better tasting food...
...Shan't bore everyone with my 'theories', most of them ramble on about senseless things anyway...kinda like the way I love rambling on..without making a point; just cause I've lost track of what I was talking about.... ............. ;) *laughs*

1 cup castor sugar+ 1 cup dark brown sugar
1 1/2 cups softened butter
2 tsp vanilla
3 eggs (700gms each)
4 1/2 cups plain flour (sifted)
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
180 gms melted white chocolate
bag full of colourful SMARTieS!!!

Beat sugars and butter till light and fluffy. Add in vanilla and break eggs in one at a time. Beating well after each addition. Sift in dry ingredients and fold in to combine. Add melted chocolate and stir mixture well to form a sticky dough. Spoon balls of dough onto cookie sheet and press colourful smarties on top. *approximately 1 tbsp of dough for each cookie. Allow 1 inch room in between cookies for it to spread. Bake in preheated 180 degree oven for 15-18 minutes till cookies brown lightly in the oven. Remove and allow to cool on a wire rack for 2-3 minutes.

*I added a handful of milk chocolate chips into the cookie dough *naughty grin*

If you aren't making too many; clingwarp the excess and pop it in the freezer for up to 5 days. It's always nice to have freshly baked cookies when friends come by.

I bet most people read my daily blog entries and laugh..they think...this girl is NUTS...*shrug* I type raw thoughts flowing through my head, and I never do "censor" off bits I don't like when I have a second read of what I've done. It's purely me. In the simplest's sincere; may seem a little silly...childish some might think; but it did make you chuckle or smile didn't it? Well....that's all that matter if you ask me *hug* :)


Anonymous said...

*adds Smarties to shopping list*

Anonymous said...

i kinda like ur blog...hope it saves my fren in aus from starving who doesnt noe how to cook.. XD

Brilynn said...

Last time I tried to make some of these, I added the smarties into the dough and the result was some very bright tye-dyed cookies.

Grace-Y said...

hi su yin,
don think u're NUTS..ur blog is listed under my Favourites tab juz so that i won't lose it.Hehe...btw, some of ur measuremeants are in "cups"...that's how many ounces or grams?

Anonymous said...

Hi. i am a recent reader of your food blog and love it! i'm a grad. student in TN,USA and i spend the weekends trying out new recipes. I haven't heard of "smarties" but i am assuming they are the same as M&Ms?
do you by any chance know how to make the larva molten chocolate cake? the ones that has the oozling chocolate coming out from the center? Thanks!


Cutie said...

Hey Su Yin,
Glad you are getting well. Otherwise I won't get to read many interesting recipe in your blog. hehe... You will probably start writing about porridge and bread. But anyway, what course are you doing in Sydney?


Heart of Rachel said...

How nice! I'm sure my son would love those cookies. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you're feeling better. Take care!

Anonymous said...

yummy! is that a silicon cookie sheet you're using? what's your opinion on them vs metal cookie trays? been trying to weigh the pros and cons! the silicon ones are sooooo expensive!

Anonymous said...

So colourful and merry...

I've done the same thing as Brilynn in the past. I guess the tip is to only add smarties (though i prefer M&M's) in the end!


Love your site!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hmm....i would try the tye dyed cookies one day...sounds quite fun. M+M's are the same as smarties i guess...the nut-less M&Ms :P

gracey: 'Cups' doesnt convert to gms...I use typical measuring cups *available at baking sections of your supermarket. But if you're wondering how big is your 'cup'; it would e approximately 250 ml's

viv: I actually have a recipe for molten lava cakes up...but it's not been updated for awhile now. I'll make one when I have friends over soon. I'll keep you posted :)

may: I'm studying Construction Managemnet and Property at UNSW :). I'm feelig better now; don't need the porridge neemore ;)

Janice: I LOVE my silicon mat...BUY IT...worth every penny....I've been using cookie sheets for years...I used to think silicon mats were too pricey too; but after my first 'bend-and-bake' there was no turning back. LOL NONstick, easy to store, easy to clean, ust SO VERy good for everything. I use it lots for moldin chocolate and as a base for piping royal icing too.

Anonymous said...

sis and i wrote you a pretty long and windy message. not sure if you got it or decided to trash it cos it was SO Long! LoL.

if you didn't receive it, would rewrite the whole lot of question. if you're decided to trash it, we're sorry for being such pest!


Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

pink: oh no...i never trash emails...but it does get lost in my junk mail sometimes..I'm real sorry; just sum up a couple more questions for me if you like :)

Anonymous said...

gosh! i'm not sure where to start!

1)thank you for sharing your cooking with us :) it's an inspiration. i ran out to buy konyaku jelly right after reading your post!

2) how do you achieve that lovely pink lilac shade for your jellies? i've hunted high and low. seems like all the jelly i found do not come with a citric acid packet. ( i bought 4 different brands ^_^)

3) would you consider doing a post on your tools of trade? my sis is drooling over your mixing bowls and i'm nutz over your measuring cups!

4) would you have a easy fried and yummy fried rice recipe to share?

many many thanks!

Anonymous said...

My name is Jed and I just finished reading your articles on cooking, in fact that’s why I am e-mailing you. Our magazine is based in Los Angeles, California, but most of our photographers/ writers/ chefs have been e-mailing and mailing us their submissions.
Our cooking magazine is targeting singles, college students, and families that don’t have that much time to prepare food. I have a section available if you’re interested.
Let me know okay?
Jed Williston

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

1. :) I'm glad
2. Iused a couple drops of pink food colouring ;). The jelly packs you purchased might have added this to the powder in advance. *shrug* I'm not too sure. Have never made konyaku wihtou the acid packet. LOL

3. I will!! soon...kinda tied up now; so many things happening >.<

4. Hmmm...i have a fried rice recipe up dont I??...*gasp* omg..i dont!! Haha..I'll put one up soon. Thanks for that :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Yin

Thanks for that recipe. Made them tonight. Theyre devine! I have a whole heap of dough in the freezer now. My kids loved decorating them with m&ms